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How to Take screenshots in Windows 10 (use the Win+Shift+S keyboard shortcut)

by Mohsin Raza
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Wouldn’t you like to have a worked in tool in Windows to capture all or just piece of your screen with a couple of keystrokes? All things considered, Windows 10 supports that ability. The Win+Shift+S key shortcut will open the Snipping toolbar

Press Win+Shift+S to use the snipping toolbar

Most of us know about the ‘PrtScn’ (Print Screen) alternative. The key that is seen your keyboard, adjoining the ‘Erase’ button. The alternative albeit great, had one significant restriction – It must be used to take a full-screen screenshot and copy it to clipboard. Following that, you could paste the screenshot picture in your desired picture editing software to alter it – such as MS Paint, Adobe Photoshop, and so forth and save the file. Likewise, you could also use the ‘Alt+PrtScn‘ key combination to capture a specific program window.

Every one of these options, still exists yet now we have a surprisingly better office in the type of Win+Shift+S keyboard shortcut using which you can use to capture screenshots in Windows 10.

To use the Win+Shift+S shortcut for the desired capacity:

Press the shortcut keys together

  • Select a region
  • Select a snipping mode
  • Copy and save the picture
  • Win+Shift+S key shortcut was before a piece of OneNote’s well-known screenshot include, however it has been made an Operating System highlight.

 Press the Shortcut keys together

All you must do to capture the screenshot is press ‘Win+Shift+S’ keys together. After pressing the keys together, you will see that the PC screen gets secured by a white/dim overlay.

Select a snipping mode

Select a snipping mode

Now, from the top of the PC screen, choose a snipping mode from the following options:

  • Rectangular snip – Allows a user to drag the cursor around an article to shape a square shape
  • Freestyle snip – Lets you make a shape around your selection using a mouse or a pen if you are using a tablet (Microsoft Surface).When making freestyle or rectangular snips, use your mouse to select the zone that you need to capture.
  • Windows snip – Helps to capture a piece of the screen such as a browser window or discourse box
  • Fullscreen snip – As the name suggests, the model covers the whole screen visible.

Select an area

Select an area

When you make your selection, your mouse cursor changes into a ‘+sign, indicating the capture mode is ‘On’.

Select the desired zone of the screen using your mouse cursor.

Copy and save the picture

When you have selected the desired zone, release the cursor. As soon as you do it, the selected screen region screenshot will be automatically get duplicated to the clipboard.

From here, you can either choose to paste the screenshot picture in Microsoft Paint, Photos app or other picture editing software where you can alter and afterward save the file.

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