fix "Excel file could not be accessed" issue

Facing “Excel file could not be accessed” issue – Rectify error through this tutorial

MS Excel is used worldwide to create sheets. To record Accounts, Transactions, daily records, and many more things MS Excel is a prior choice. MS Excel is one of the most stable and errorless software ever designed. But we can’t deny that technology can’t be errorless. Although it’s an offline platform and there are very rare chances of any error in offline products. Still, we have witnessed a few of the problems in the MS Excel.

One of the MS excel most common error is “Excel file could not be accessed“. This error usually occurs because of the User’s mistake. It can be rectified easily, we have concluded effective solutions to solve this issue.

How to Fix “Excel file could not be accessed” error:

There are multiple methods through which you can rectify the “Excel file could not be accessed” error. These are short methods that are easy to follow. Pick the one that you find convenient to follow.

Edit Folders and File Titles:

Sometimes, due to large titles, Excel doesn’t pick the file properly If your file title is too large then you have to shorten it.

  • Go to the folder where the targeted file is present (File on which you got an error).
  • Right Click on the Spreadsheet and choose the rename option.
  • Set back to the folder and edit the name of the folder too. Press the enter key.

If all files in the folder have a huge title than short the names of all. Because huge titles cause a problem when you intend to open them with Excel.

Change the File Path:

The second solution is changing the file path. In this method, you have to change the file location and move it to another drive like D, C or E.

  • Open the Folder where the targeted file is present.
  • Right-click on the file and choose the Move option.
  • Select the destination folder where you want to move your file.
  • The file will get moved in less than a second.
  • Click on the OK button once the file moved.

Now again try to open the file with Excel, this app you willnot face any error, hopefully.

Deactivate the unnecessary Excel add-ins:

Add-ins, Add-ons, Extensions whatever you say, increase the productivity of the platform. In parallel, they also reduce the speed of the program and also cause the speed to slow down. Specifically, it is known as XLA add-in File.

  1. To deactivate the Excel Add-in, click on the File tab on MS Excel.
  2. Select the Options from the MS Excel options menu.
  3. Move to the Add-ins tab.
  4. Select add-in from the drop-down menu and click on the Go Button.
  5. Deselect all unnecessary Add-ins to deactivate them.

Start MS Excel in Safe Mode:

Safe Mode is the best to diagnose and rectify the error. You can also try to fix an Excel file that could not be accessed error by running MS Excel in Safe Mode. To run MS Excel in Safe Mode, follow the steps written below.

MS Excel Safe Mode

  • Open the Windows Registry by pressing Win+R key.
  • Enter this entry “excel /safe” in Run’s text box.
  • Click on the OK button.

MS Excel will open in safe mode now. Now again try to select the file that was showing you an error before. Hopefully, you will not face the same error again.


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