How to edit your Windows Live Mail’s signature

The signature value is equal to the property. One signature worth alot and it also indicates the possession of a person. Not just in real life only, Signature also worth alot in the live world. That’s why the Windows Live Mail platform offers the users to create custom signs and use them for emails. Your signature will attach with your mail even it be forwarded for hundred of times. The Signature will tell other that you are the owner of the content mentioned in the mail. Like you can create the signature in the same way you can edit the already created one too.

How to edit Windows Live Mail Signature

We will mention a trio of guides that are related to the Windows Live Mail. A guide on how to edit signature on Windows Live Mail is also a part of this trio. The procedure is easy but you have to pass through a couple of procedures. After that, your Windows Live Mail will be able to accomplish this task by the users.

How to Add a signature to Windows Live Mail:

  • Launch Windows Live Mail on your computer.
  • Click on the File option.
  • Select Options and then click on mail.
    • On the Windows Live Mail older version, you need to click on Tools and than options.
  • Move to the Signatures tab.
  • Select New option from the Signatures tab.
  • Create your email signature from under the Edit Signature section.
  • To save the signature, Click OK.

Check the signatures tab again this time you will see your newly created Signature there.

How to Edit Windows Live Mail signature:

  • Open Windows Live Mail on your Laptop or Desktop.
  • You need to click on File and then select Options > Mail.
    • Click on Tools and select Options for older version of Live Mail.
  • Click on the Signatures tab.
  • Here you can see all the signatures which you have created.
  • Select the signature that you want to edit. You can edit signatures directly from the Live Mail editor, only plain text ones.
  • If not, copy the location of the file from the box. Open File Explorer and paste to the path you copied earlier.
  • From the notepad to save the changes.
  • Save the file with a new name and exit the pad.

Every time you want to edit the signatures, you can upload it. That’s all from For any queries, you can inform us through your comments. Our Windows Expert boys will try to reply to you as soon as they conclude answers.

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