How To Fix PowerShell Module Cannot Be Loaded

Nothing feels right in Windows OS if you can’t use PowerShell properly. Because if you are unable to access this beneficial utility, then you there’s no point of bieng an admin. Many users have complained about PowerShell call does not load module in Windows operating system error.

So here, I’ve drafted a guide to help you Fix PowerShell Module Cannot Be Loaded. This way, you will be allowed to bypass the issue and use it according to your needs. But before leading you towards any further steps, I want you to sign-in with an Administrator account in Windows.


3 Ways To Fix PowerShell Module Cannot Be Loaded

Change Execution Policy to Unrestricted

  • Launch Windows PowerShell on your PC/Laptop.

Fix PowerShell Module Cannot Be Loaded

  • Now execute the following command:
    • Set-executionpolicy unrestricted
  • Type “Y” to confirm your action.

Fix PowerShell Module Cannot Be Loaded

  • Now to check if the operation was successful or not, execute Get-ExecutionPolicy.
  • After getting RemoteSigned, type exit to save changes and close PowerShell.

Modify Execution Policy to RemoteSigned

There are cases where users feel protected about settings unrestricted policy in PowerShell. Because it does give access to other modules to work around and the consumption of RAM exceeds. So if you are one of the programs or developers who like to save the most part of their CPU and RAM, here’s what you need to do.

Rather than executing the set-executionpolicy unrestricted, you need to run Set-ExecutionPolicy RemoteSigned in PowerShell. This command is also helpful in  Fixing the PowerShell Module Cannot Be Loaded error.

Fix PowerShell Module Cannot Be Loaded

Detach Local Host From Adapter

This method is only for users who have enabled an adapter and executing their commands on local hosts. Well, such users should know that Windows PowerShell doesn’t run on the localhost/system. So if they are using such protocols, they need to remove the adapter and then see if it resolves the issue or not.

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