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How to Redeem Codes on Arc Games Account

by Hassan Mujtaba
Redeem Codes on Arc

Arc is the popular internet platform for browsing and playing Free-to-Play Games. Like many other eCommerce of the same genre alike Arc sites, Arcgames.com also offers the codes. Basically these codes can be called the free vouchers or you can say gifts. Redeem the codes and get some sort of the in-game paid equipment for free. That’s the basic purpose of the Arc codes which you can redeem anytime. But, alot of users don’t know how to redeem codes on Arc Games account.

Redeem Codes on Arc

Arc Codes can also be beneficial in real life too. Maybe you will get the free cash, gold or gift hampers. Using Arc Codes and redeem them is not a big science, you just need to follow a couple of steps. That’s our purpose in coming here. Now without wasting your time, we are directly coming on our topic. First, important thing is, you should from where you can locate the Codes offered by Arc.

Get the Arc Codes:

Here are the steps to get the Arc codes. Arc release the codes on special events like Christmas, Easter or anniversaries. Access them and you can cash them after getting them. There are multiple ways to get them.

  • Go to the PWI Facebook page, checkout either any code avaialble or not.
  • Visit AroundTheArcPWE Twitter page, hopefully, you are going to get valuable game prises.
  • Visit the mail that you have attached with Arc. Emails sent to your account.
  • Launch the Arc app or website on your computer. Visit the Forums sections.

The aforementioned platforms will keep you up to date. So, you can’t miss the important and valuable codes. Getting expensive game equipment for free is really fun.

How to Redeem the codes on Arc:

So, the finals guide has arrived, that’s what you came for.

  1. Launch Arc Client on your computer.
  2. Click on the Arc logo.
  3. Copy the code which you got and paste it on the bar. Press the Enter button.
  4. Now your code is activated. Go to the Arc shop and check what you got or what you can get.

You must keep in mind that you must log in that account on which you want to redeem the code. Once the code redeemed on the wrong account, you are not going to get that back at any cost.


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