Why I Can’t use the phone companion app? – Here’s how to fix

The phone companion app by Microsoft corporation is quite in discussion these days. Developers always try to bring convenient ways of establishing a connection between phones and computers. People now avoid using USB Cable to connect the phone with computers. They want over the air connectivity. The latest connectivity source for phone and laptop is the phone companion app and QR Codes connection apps.

Establishing a connection between phone and PC is so easy on the Phone Companion app. All you need to do is to connect both devices on the same WiFi network while the app is in use. Remember, grant the necessary permissions to a phone companion app on phones such as access to media files and storage.

We don’t find such issues in the Phone Companion app. But, recently few of the app users have reported an issue. As per their words, Phone Companion is not connecting Phone and Laptop. They said they can’t use the Phone companion by Microsoft. Well, this issue not seems to be so big. We concluded a trio of solutions that are capable of fixing this issue.

How to fix “Can’t use Phone Companion app” problem?

Here are the simple remedies in order to fix the app connectivity issues. It just requires a few minutes of your time and your app problems are surely get solved.

Update Phone companion on both devices:

Make sure that you are using the Phone Companion app latest version on both devices. Android users can check the app update from the Google Play. Go to My Apps option on Google Play. Here you will see all the pending app updates. Locate the Phone Companion app and update it.

fix Can’t use phone companion app

Windows users will get an app update popup automatically when they will launch it on the computer. So, update the app and it will take a few seconds.

If apps on both devices are already updated on the latest version and still you are facing the same issue. Move towards the next solution.

Same WiFi Network:

You should make sure that both devices are connected to the same WiFi network. If there is a difference between WiFi connections than you can’t establish the over WiFi connection between PC and Phone. Instead of this, you have to use a USB cable then. So, it’s better to switch the device on the same WiFi.

Devices must be paired successfully:

Pairing is the most important thing in connecting two devices with each other. You have to make sure the devices are paired with each other. Here are the symptoms of successfully pairing of phone and PC.

  • The phone companion app on Laptop will show you your phone animation.
  • You will receive a notification by Microsoft apps, your Phone and PC are connected.

If you didn’t receive a notification, enable the notification permission of the Phone Companion app from the Android Apps settings.

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