How To Fix Windows Server Stuck in Boot Loop

It gets annoying whenever you get stuck in the middle of a reboot in Windows 10. It seems to me, not many among us know exactly what to do because the operating system won’t start and even you are not allowed to run a troubleshooter as well. But it’s not like you would ever want to leave your PC or go visit the workshops every time you get an error.

That’s why I’ve decided to draft a guide of How To Fix Windows Server Stuck in Boot Loop. So users can easily get themselves out of this critical issue even without any help from expensive technicians. Still, they need to imply the following steps I’ve demonstrated.

3 Ways to Fix Windows Server Stuck in Boot Loop

Reset RAM

I’ve seen cases where the RAM or its memory slots start to respond falsely. If this is the error, then you’ll be required to imply a simple trick. Just shut down your PC properly and then uncover it in a way that you can see its memory slots that are placed at the motherboard.

Now remove the RAM from its slots carefully and then reset them in the same manner they were placed. If you hear the sound of a click after reinstalling such chips, then they are connected perfectly. Its time to turn on your PC and see if it solves the issue.

Examine Motherboard

Windows Server Stuck in Boot Loop error mostly occurs because of the motherboard problems. So you need to check if that’s not the case. To do so, again uncover your CPU to spot any unusual or misplaced ports. If that’s not the problem, then try reseating the busses, and also clear dust from it.

Fix Windows Server Stuck in Boot Loop

Detach Pen Drives

If you’ve attached a USB or an external drive with your PC, its time you remove it. Because whenever a computer starts to proceed to update and complete the Boot process, it might get stuck because of the connected pen drives. In cases where you’ve set pen drives as a priority drive, change it from the BIOS settings.

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