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How to create a Windows 10 Bootable USB on Mac

If you use Windows, it is always a smart thought to have a Windows 10 Bootable USB around. My new Windows arrangement crashed, and I had no real way to use Advanced Recovery. So I had two options—discover another Windows 10 PC or use a macOS to create a bootable USB drive. Fortunately, I had later. In the blink of an eye, I was able to create a Windows 10 Bootable USB using macOS to repair my primary PC.

Create Windows 10 Bootable USB on Mac for PC

macOS offers an inbuilt tool—Boot Camp Assistant—which allows installing Windows on the MacBook as well as create Windows 10 installer. We will use the same tool to create one and use it to repair the Windows 10 PCs. The system included is:

  • Download Windows 10 ISO
  • Create installer with Boot Camp Assistant

You will require a USB drive of at least 8 GB storage space. You can always right-click on the drive after connecting to any PC, and look at the properties to locate the size of the drive

Download Windows 10 ISO

The best part of downloading ISO is that you don’t have to play any deceive. At the point when you use Windows to download the ISO, you have to deceive it. On macOS and Safari, Microsoft offers a direct download link once you pick the version.

Download Windows 10 ISO

  • Go to Windows 10 ISO download section on Microsoft site
  • Select Windows 10, and then select the version
  • It will download the ISO file, which ought to associate with 5 GB.

Create installer with Boot Camp Assistant

Plugin the USB drive to the MacBook port. All the data in the USB drive will be lost right now. Thus, make sure to take a backup if there is any file inside it.

Then launch Spotlight search by squeezing the command key and the spacebar. Type training camp assistant, and when it appears, press enter to start the app. Click on the Continue button, and then it may do some housekeeping to make space for the second OS. It took around 20 minutes.

Next, check the case which says, “Create a Windows 10 or later version of install disk.” Deselect if there is n option to install Windows. At the point when you click straightaway, Boot Camp Assistant will automatically locate the ISO file if it is in your Downloads folder. If not, you can always peruse and direct it toward the privilege ISO file.

Create a Windows 10 or later version of install diskChoose ISO File

Next, point it towards the USB drive, which will be the bootable USB drive. Click on the Continue button again and wait till the bootable drive is ready. It may take around 20-25 minutes for it to get available.


Once the procedure is finished, notice that the name of the USB drive is now WININSTALL. Launch it, and you are ready to use it to recuperate or install Windows on any PC.

That’s it. I see the procedure as a lot faster, and handy when you don’t have access to the Windows machine.

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Windows 10 also offers a similar tool-Recovery Drive – that allows you to create a salvage plate in Windows. Make sure you always one by your PC all the time.

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