How to Sync your Devices with Microsoft Intune

Intune is the Cloud Management service launched by Microsoft. This service is a prominent part of Microsoft Azure. Intune manages your Windows device in a decent way. Especially it solves the update hurdles for you. You can synchronize your Windows device with Intune. After this, you will get instant updates. If there is any previous update pending on your Windows device, MS Intune will deal with it.

Sync Files with Microsoft Intune:

There are multiple ways through which you can synchronize your devices with Intune. All the ways are so easy. We have mentioned all procedures in the below short guides. Pick the one which is easy for you.

Sync Devices with Intune Via Settings:

  1. To manually sync Windows devices with MS Intune via Settings, follow these steps.
  2. Click the Start button (Cortana search).
  3. Click on the Settings option to open settings as shown in the screenshots.sync devices with MS Intune
  4. Navigate to the accounts option.
  5. Look at the left side of App’s Window, there is an option of “Access work or school”. Click on this option.
    sync devices with MS Intune
  6. Select the account (showing a briefcase or Microsoft icon).
  7. Click on the Info Button.
  8. Enable the Sync option.

Sync Windows 10 Mobile Devices:

This procedure is for the Windows 10 Mobile devices. Users who want to synchronized Windows smartphones with Intune need to follow these steps.

  1. On your Windows 10 smartphone, tap on All Apps and Settings.
  2. Choose the Accounts option on the Next Window.
  3. Select the Work Access option.
  4. Select the Company name present under Enroll into Device Management heading.
  5. Now on the Sync button located right under the chosen Company Account.

Use the Company Portal App:

If you are using the Company Portal App by Microsoft, you can Sync the device with MS Intune through this app too. If you have not downloaded the Company Portal App yet than get from MS store.

  1. Launch the Company Portal by Microsoft.
  2. Move your mouse cursor to the bottom left of the Company Portal window.
  3. Press the Sync button.
  4. Select the device which you want to synchronize with Intune.

Through Sync Device Action:

It is the easiest way to synchronize devices with MS Intune. You just to explore through a couple of Windows 10 settings and you can enable this option. But, you need to be a member of Microsoft Azure for this. Microsoft Azure trial period is of one year, so, you don’t have to spend a single penny right now.

  1. Launch Microsoft Azure on your Windows computer, Open Intune on MS Azure.
    sync devices with MS Intune
  2. Select your device from the Overview Pane and click on the Sync button.
  3. To confirm your action click on Yes.
  4. Your devices are Synchronized with MS Intune successfully.

You can check it from the devices tab on MS Intune Tab. So, viewers, these were the procedures to Sync devices with MS Intune. All are easy to follow, you can pick any of them. For queries, use the comment box below.

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