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How to Fix Cannot receive or make calls using Your Phone app in Windows 10

Microsoft’s Your Phone App permits you to receive and make calls once it is connected to the PC. However, if you are facing issues that keep you from calling or receiving calls, then here are the Troubleshooting tips we recommend you do to determine the issues with Your Phone App.

Your Phone App still doesn’t support unique images “*”, “#” for calls. Make sure to use your phone for it, else in certain cases, the number “0” might be automatically connected to the number you are typing if you use.

Cannot receive or make calls using Windows 10 Your Phone app

If you can’t receive or make calls using Your Phone app, follow these tips individually, and check if it fixed the issue once the steps are finished

  • Turn off Focus Assist
  • Enable Bluetooth on your Android Phone
  • Run Bluetooth troubleshooter
  • Again set up Calling feature with Your Phone App

Make sure you have taken a stab at restarting the PC once, and furthermore have relaunched the Your Phone App once. They will typically clear temporary glitches.

Turn off Focus Assist

Center help makes sure that you can work, and not get spammed by notifications from all over the place. If you have turned on the Focus Assist on the PC or have planned it, then you won’t receive any notification. You have two choices. You can decide to turn it off or add Your Phone App to the special case list.

Turn off Focus Assist

To Turn off: Right-click the Action Center symbol on the taskbar, select Focus Assist, then Off.

To add the app to a special case:

  • Right-click on Focus Assist in the acting community, click on Go to Settings
  • In Focus Assist settings, change to Priority.
  • Click on Customize Priority list
  • Under Apps, include Your Phone

Done that, make a call to your number, and check if you are receiving notifications about the call

Enable Bluetooth on your Android Phone

The calling highlight works over Bluetooth, if you have DND turned on or Bluetooth is off, then you will get any consider notification the PC. To check if Bluetooth is turned on, swipe down or swipe up (relies upon which phone you use) to uncover the Android Notification board. Tap the Bluetooth symbol to turn it off/on. Make a call to your number, and check whether that works.

Run Bluetooth troubleshooter on Windows 10

Toubleshoot bluetooth

  • Go to Settings > Update and Security > Troubleshoot
  • Click on Bluetooth, and afterward Run the Bluetooth Troubleshooter.
  • Adhere to the instructions on the Wizard,
  • Check toward the end of it settles the issue or offers an answer

Again set up Calling feature with Your Phone App

If you are as yet not ready to get past calls, its best that fix your PC, and the phone. A crisp connection, for the most part, resolves Bluetooth issues.

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On your Android phone:

It might differ a touch of depending on the phone you use. You have to find a setting where all the connected Bluetooth devices are recorded. Generally accessible at Connection > Bluetooth. Find the rundown of matched devices, and tap on it. Decide to forget.

On the Windows 10 Computer:

  • Open Settings, and afterward explore to Devices > Bluetooth and other devices.
  • Select your Android phone from the rundown, and decide to expel the phone.
  • Open the Your Phone app and set up Calls again. When setting up the calling highlight, make sure to click on the notifications to affirm.

I trust these tips helped you Troubleshooting calls in Your Phone app

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