Fix Dual monitor is not extending in Windows 10

In Windows 10, the dual monitor feature is used by many people. Because it allows users to display two screens at the same time. When you have connected your PCs using HDMI, VGA, USB or others then you can move programs, pictures, and more seamlessly between the screens.

However, sometimes your second monitor can not be detected. This problem mostly comes when you set the project mode wrongly. So if you are not able to extend dual monitor in Windows 10 then we have shown you some of the solutions to that problem.

Solutions to fix dual monitor is duplicating but not extending

1. Check Extend is already selected under the Project menu

Sometimes the extend option is not select in the Project menu that is why you can’t extending the duplicating monitor. So it’s important that you have to check and select the extend option under the Project menu. To do that follow the below steps.

  • First, press Windows key + P keys from your keyboard simultaneously
  • After that, the Project menu options pop up on the right side of your PC screen.
  • On the Project menu, you will see the Extend option.
  • If the Extend option is not selected, then click on the extend option or use the up or down keys from your keyboard and Enter on the Extend option.

Dual monitor is not extending in Windows 10

The above steps also used if you want to change to duplicate option.

2. Upgrade graphics card driver

If your graphics card driver is bot updated to the latest version then you will see this problem while extending the dual monitor. So you have to make sure that your graphics drivers are up to date in Windows 10.

  • First, go to the Windows key + X keys.
  • Then, click on the Device Manager option.

Dual monitor is not extending in Windows 10

  • The Device Manager window will be open.
  • Now locate the Display updates and double click on it.

Dual monitor is not extending in Windows 10

  • Then double-click the device name.

Dual monitor is not extending in Windows 10

  • After a new window will be opened and you need to click on the Driver tab.Dual monitor is not extending in Windows 10
  • Now click on Update Driver option and follow the on-screen instructions.

Dual monitor is not extending in Windows 10

This is how users can successfully update the drivers on Windows 10 PC. Other graphic cards like NVIDIA, Intel, and AMD always give you updates of drivers and you have to make sure that you have regularly updated the drivers of them. But remember that users must be logged in as an administrator to perform these steps.

3. Reinstall the drivers


  • To do that, open the Device Manager by pressing Windows +X keys.
  • The Device Manager window will be opened.
  • If you see yellow exclamation mark against it, right-click on it and select Roll back.
  • Somehow if you don’t find the option at all, right-click on the specific driver and choose Uninstall.
  • After that, you need to Restart the PC.
  • When your PC boots up, open Devices Manager again.
  • Now select Scan for hardware changes to install the driver.

Sometimes the updating drivers don’t work so in that case, you need to reinstall them. Then A\apply this on the monitor that isn’t working as intended and confirm the change.

4. Run the Devices and Hardware Troubleshooter


  • First, open Settings.Dual monitor is not extending in Windows 10
  • Then Update & Security.

Dual monitor is not extending in Windows 10

  • Now click on Troubleshoot.

Dual monitor is not extending in Windows 10

  • Click on Hardware and Devices.
  • After that, click on Next.
  • Now the Hardware Troubleshooter will open. You can set it to fix all detected problems automatically or select an option to fix only the ones you want.
  • Then click on the Next option to run the Hardware and Devices Troubleshooter.
  • When the scan is done, you will see a report.
  • Now choose the ones you want to solve and click on Next.
  • Then the Hardware and Devices Troubleshooter will try to fix the problems it detects for you.
  • At last close the troubleshooter and retry the process.

These are some of the steps by which most of the users have solved the problems. Try these fixes and fix Dual monitor is not extending in Windows 10.

If you have any questions or want to give suggestions then contact us in the comment section below.

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