How to Enable or Disable Notifications of USB issues in Windows 10

How to Enable or Disable Notifications of USB issues in Windows 10

Windows 10 offers a component that can notify at whatever point a connected USB device has issues. It tends to be with the device you simply connected to the PC or devices like printers, outer stockpiling devices, etc. It, for the most part, happens when the PC can’t perceive the device. All things considered, numerous a period, these blunders are bogus positive. You can without much of a stretch get it as your device is working fine. While not suggested, if you get the mistake too often, and like each time you plug in a USB drive, then its best to disable notifications of USB Issues in Windows 10. Right now, it will show how you can disable or enable this element.

Disable Notifications of USB issues in Windows 10

There are two different ways to kill notifications about USB issues and issues:

  • Change USB Settings in Windows
  • Modify Registry Settings for NotifyOnUsbErrors key

When using the vault method, you can send out the modified key and import it to any PC to in a split second apply the change. It takes a shot at Windows 10 Home form also.

Change USB Settings in Windows Settings

USB Windows Settings

Windows 10 offers this as a setting in the devices segment. It is enabled as a matter of course

Use WIN + I alternate route to open Windows 10 Settings

Explore to Devices > USB

Uncheck the container against the alternative—Notify me if there are any issues connecting to the USB devices

Change NotifyOnUsbErrors esteem in Windows Registry

NotifyOnUsbErrors is a key-esteem pair in Windows Registry, which can do likewise as the settings. It is useful when you need to apply it to various PCs remotely. You ought to be an administrator user to alter vault settings. Additionally, make a point to make a reestablishment purpose of your PC before making any library changes.

Windows Registry

Open Registry Editor by composing Regedit in the Run prompt, and pressing the Enter key

Click yes when you get the UAC Prompt

In the Registry Editor, explore to:


Right-click on the space in the correct sheet, and make another DWORD (32Bit)

Name it NotifyOnUsbErrors

Double-tap to alter it. Set 1 to turn on notification for USB issue, and 0 (Zero) to turn it off.

You can change the worth, and rapidly verify the status by going to Settings Devices > USB.

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I trust the guide was anything but difficult to follow, and you had the option to disable Notifications of USB Issues in Windows 10. Be that as it may, know it likewise smothers the genuine issues, so if you don’t see the USB device working, enable it and check the outcomes.

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