Windows 10 Notifications

How to Dismiss Windows 10 Notifications using Keyboard

As of recently, there was no fast method for disposing of irritating Windows 10 notifications. Fortunately, another shortcut enables you to get them leveled out. We will, right now, you a stunt using which you can without much of a stretch dismiss Windows 10 notifications by means of a keyboard shortcut!

Dismiss Windows 10 Notifications with a keyboard shortcut

From the starting to the most recent rendition of Windows, notifications have stayed a key piece of the OS. These notifications appear over the Windows 10 Taskbar. Along these lines, when an app sends a notification, Windows 10 shows a toast flag over the Taskbar. If you miss it. The notification gets lined up in the Action Center.

Microsoft as of now offers an approach to turn notifications on and off in Windows 10 by means of Settings > System > Notifications and Actions > Get notifications from apps and different senders.

On the other hand, you can hide them by right-clicking on the Action Center and choosing ‘Don’t show a number of new notifications‘. That way, they become fairly less irritating and simultaneously, can be perused by basically getting to ‘Action Center’.

Windows 10 Notifications

Another keyboard shortcut lets Windows 10 Users dismiss notifications using the keyboard – without using the mouse. Here’s the secret!

  1. At the point when another notification appears close to Windows 10 Taskbar,
  2. Press Win+Shift+V keys in a blend
  3. The action will initiate the notification and power it to go to the front
  4. A white square shape should fringe the notification, implying that the attention is on it
  5. Now, press the Delete key.

The notification will disappear, right away.

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Jen Gentleman, Software Engineer, Community Manager chipping away at Windows UI at Microsoft posted a video from her Twitter handle (@JenMsft), that demonstrated a basic answer for getting a notification off your screen very fast without going after your mouse. Press WIN+Shift+V then hit the Delete key, it referenced. The element isn’t an Insider-just component meaning, Windows 10 users running the steady form of the OS can likewise use it.

If it’s not too much trouble note that if you get a notification from an app that has been set to spare notifications in the ‘Action Center’ then, dismissing the toast notification appearing on the screen won’t expel it from the Action Center

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