Disable S Mode In Windows 10

How To Disable S Mode In Windows 10

Users can get many features in Windows 10 that they can’t get in any other Operating System. Microsoft gives regular updates and security patches to the Windows 10 users. You can get tons of stunning features in Windows 10 and one of them is S Mode.

Most of the users enabled S mode in Windows 10 because they want to run the apps faster. In S mode, users can get the maximum security of the complete protection of their data and information. But the drawback of S Mode is that users can’t use most of the apps that they use normally.

When you activate the S mode on your Windows 10, you can only use the apps that availbale in Microsoft Store. It restricts users to use only the apps that are developed by Microsoft. For example, if you like to use the Chrome browser then you can’t and only allowed to browse with Microsoft Edge.

There is no doubt that users can get the max security, speed, and stability when activating the S Mode. But it restricts you to use most of the apps that allow users to do more. So if you have enabled the S mode in Windows 10 and want to disable it then follow the method that is mentioned below.

How To Turn Off Windows 10’s S Mode?

It is not a difficult process by doing some settings you can easily disable the Smode in Windows 10. To do that follow the below steps:

  • First of all click on the Start button.
  • Then go to the Settings option.Disable S Mode In Windows 10
  • After that, click on the Update & Security option.Disable S Mode In Windows 10
  • Now select Activation which is available at the left pane.Disable S Mode In Windows 10
  • Then go to Switch to Windows 10 HomeDisable S Mode In Windows 10
  • And select Go to Microsoft Store link and the new page labeled Switch out of S mode will appear on your PC screen.
  • From there, click on the Get option.Disable S Mode In Windows 10
  • Now click on the Install button.
  • Then select Yes, let’s go when prompted.


This is how users can successfully Turn Off the S Mode In Windows 10. The process is simple and by doing some simple settings users can disable the Smode without any issues. Do Not need to restart your Windows because this is a legal process and Microsoft allows users to do that. Basically, S Mode is for professionals and it not for anyone because it restricted users to use the specific apps that are developed by Microsoft.

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