How to Play Multiple Videos on VLC Player in Windows 10

How to Play Multiple Videos on VLC Player in Windows 10

Now and again you have to watch different recordings together, perhaps with quieted sound, to think about them. Possibly your watching film of a CCTV camera to comprehend the succession of someone entering the loft. The issue is the majority of the video players don’t play different recordings together, however, VLC is an exemption. In this post, we will share how to play multiple videos on VLC Player in Windows 10

Play Multiple Videos on VLC Media Player

  1. Open VLC, and afterward click on Tools > Preferences (Ctrl + P) > Interfaces
  2. Then uncheck the container which says — Allow just one occurrence.
  3. Then click on the Save button.

If you don’t have this alternative check, yet it is as yet opening the recordings in a similar occurrence, then this is because of the choice—Use just one case when started from File Manager. Uncheck this, spare, and it will enable users to use more than each VLC player in turn.

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Here is a star tip for the individuals who need to play different recordings, and need to play them in a state of harmony to think about them step by step.

  1. Open VLC, and afterward select Media>Open Multiple Files from the menu
  2. Include the primary file, and afterward click on the Show more choices and afterward check onPlay another media synchronously.
  3. Click on the Extra media button to include the subsequent file.Extra media button
  4. Click on the Play and the two media files will play all the while with a solitary control window of the player

Disable multiple instance mode in VLC Player

While it is useful to play different recordings on occasion, however now and again it likewise gets irritating. For instance, if you are opening recordings individually, and don’t have any desire to have such a large number of video players springing up, then you can check this alternative. At whatever point you play a video after this, it will supplant the presently playing video with the one you play straightaway.

Disable multiple instance mode in VLC Player

All things considered, if you decide to use one occasion mode, then make a point to check the Enqueue choice too. It will add the enhanced one to line up in the playlist. Go to inclinations by and by, and this time check the thing that says Enqueue things into a playlist in one occasion mode. To get to the playlist click on View > Playlist or press console alternate route Ctrl + L. On the off chance that the playlist turns out, then use View > Docked Playlist.

I trust the guide was useful and you can play Multiple Videos on VLC Player in Windows 10

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