Recover Mozilla Thunderbird Password

How to Recover your Mozilla Thunderbird Password in easy steps

After Google Chrome Mozilla is surely the best search engine. One of the renowned services offered by Mozilla is the Thunderbird. It is the open-source cross-platform email, RSS and Chat client. It is one of the most used email clients all around the world in the current era. You need to sign-up and sign-in on this platform to use it just like other email clients.

Even the person’s best memorizing ability to forget passwords usually. Especially the person who had set different passwords for different accounts always forget one or more. You came here obviously you forgot the Mozilla ThunderBird Password. All platforms which are password encrypted let users recover the lost password. There are multiple ways to recover Mozilla Thunderbird’s lost password.

How to recover your Mozilla Thunderbird Password:

Here are the steps to recover Thunderbird Password through the stock feature called Password Manager. This features stores all of your Thunderbird accounts passwords. If you gave permission to store passwords while sign-up. Surely your password will be saved there. Otherwise, you need to recover it manually through another email that you registered.

Recover Mozilla Thunderbird Password
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  1. Launch Browser on your Windows or Mac PC.
  2. Visit the Mozilla Thunderbird website on your browser.
  3. Locate the Tools option and click on it.
  4. Select Options from the appeared menu. Or, you can direct click on 3 horizontal lines button (≡).
  5. Move to the Security Tab and click on the Saved Passwords.
    • To reveal the saved password click on Show Passwords options.
    • User’s who forgot username can use the search box to find a particular option.
  6. A confirmation box will appear infront of you, click on Yes to continue.
  7. Passwords list tab will appear in saved Login Window.
  8. Find your account of which you forgot password, get your password account.

Saved Thunderbird Passwords for Future:

To avoid this hurdle for the near feature, you should save the password. If only you use your PC then there is no encumbrance in saving the passwords on your browser.

  • Open Mozilla Thunderbird client on your PC.
  • Move to the Tools and select Options.
  • Navigate to security pannel, go to Passwords Tab.
  • Choose Saved Passwords.
  • Right-click on the entry of which you want to save password and click on Edit Password.

You can also use the password recovery tool as their many of them. But, they will take a specific amount from you. Noteworthy names in best password recovery tools are Passware Kit Basic, Mail Password Recovery by Top-Password, Email Password Recovery Master and Mail PassView & WebBrowser PassView.

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