Migrate from Blizzard to Steam

How to Migrate from Blizzard to Steam – Easy Guide

Blizzard is one of the most iconic game developers in the World. It is one of those top-notch game developers whose name is considered a brand. Their every game ensures success before its relaease. Now they have released the most anticipated gameĀ  Destiny 2. A sequel to the previous sensation Destiny. The problem is, Blizzard released this game with the Steam collaboration. So this game is available on Steam. That’s why many users want to shift their Blizzard Account on Steam.

Migration from Blizzard to Steam is a simple procedure but many users are not aware of it. They think that the procedure will be equally difficult as a kidney transplant. But, that’s not true infact method is surprisingly easy. In the below guide we have guided users on how to migrate from Blizzard to Steam. Through the procedure, you can move your Destiny 2 game from Blizzard to Steam.

Transport Blizzard account to Steam:

You can accomplish this task through an online transporter Bungie. Here’s how you can take Blizzard Account on Steam.

  1. Open Browser on your Windows or Mac PC.
  2. Visit the website Bungie.net. Click on Red bar present at the top.
  3. In case if someone is unable to find a red bar than he can visit the PC Move page.
  4. Here Login your Blizzard Account which you want to migrate from.
  5. Click on the Begin Transfer option After Login.
  6. Drop down the services menu and Select the Steam from Services.
  7. If you are not logged in already to your account the Bungie will say you to do it first. Enter your username and password to login to your account.
  8. Once you signed in, confirm the action and select I am done to complete the Blizzard Account transfer to Steam.

Migrate from Blizzard to Steam

After you successfully migrate from Blizzard Account to Steam. You can play the Destiny 2 on steam Client without any hurdle. This is a one-time offer to move from Blizzard to Steam. Because Blizzard already shut down their Destiny 2 servers now Steam is the only choice you have. You can’t reverse the procedure.

How to download Steam, if you haven’t yet?

Downloading steam is the easiest thing. All you need to do is to visit the Steam official Website and download the latest version of Steam Client from there.

  1. Open Browser on your computer and visit Steam.com
  2. Click on Install Steam to download and install the Steam installer.
  3. Users who don’t own a Steam Account can create a new one right now. The account signup is absolutely free.

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