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What are SMC Files and how to open a SMC file on Windows 10?

If we start to count the Type of files and their formats than it will require hours. Among the uncommon type of files and formats, one is SMC. As the file type is unusual, so many users don’t know how to open SMC files. We were also not aware of such files. Recently one of my colleagues has collided with an SMC file on PC. After doing some research we found information about this file. And, also we conclude the procedure to open SMC file, which we will guide you in this tutorial.

What are the SMC Files?

Many users are not aware of this file as we were before. Basically SMC file is the extensions. These files are usually affiliated with Nintendo’s Super Nintendo Gaming System (SNES). This file contains the digital image copies of Nintendo Games present in Nintendo’s Emulator. Don’t worry these files are not a type of Malware. They are normal files just like any other in PC.

Which Software support SMC Files?

There are multiple types of software that can deal with SMC Files. Most importantly the SNES Emulators can surely run the SMC file. Here are the emulators which let us open and run SMC files on PC.

Open SMC File

ZSNES: Open-source
Runs on Windows, Linux, FreeBSD, and DOS

Snes9X: Portable, freeware
Developed in C++

SNEeSe: For x86 PCs
Developed in 32-bit C, C++, and NASM x86 assembly

How to Open SMC Files easily:

Users need a compatible emulator to open SMC files. Without the emulator, no user can do the treatment on these files. As the emulators are mentioned above. So, Download an emulator which is according to your PC Requirements.

Once you downloaded the emulator, Launch it on PC. At the top of the emulator, you will see the open option. Click on the open option. Locate the SMC file which you want to open, select it to run it. Not all emulators support files individually. In such emulators, you need to choose the whole folder.

That’s all from our side. If any person from our viewers has needed any kind of help related to the topic or General Software assistance? Contact us through the comment box. Our Boys will try to reply to you with the solution as soon as possible.

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