How to cancel an Xbox Game Pass subscription on Xbox One

Microsoft has seen proceeded with progress with its game membership administration Xbox Game Pass, serving a turning library of games for a level month to month expense. Nonetheless, even with more than 100 titles, Xbox Game Pass isn’t for everybody. Regardless of whether you got the preliminary or plan to drop your paid membership, it’s anything but difficult to pull out.

How to Disable auto-recharge for Xbox Game Pass

Before dropping Xbox Game Pass, recollect that you’ll lose access to all games by means of the administration. Except if games have been bought for all time, you’ll have to recharge your membership to play them once more.

These are the steps to drop Xbox Game Pass from the web. While a choice to drop by means of the support was already accessible, this has since been evacuated.

  1. Explore to
  2. Sign in to your Microsoft account.
  3. Explore to the Xbox Game Pass subsection of the page.
  4. Click Manage.
  5. Pick Change.
  6. Pick Turn off recurring billing.
  7. Select Confirm wiping out.

Upon cancelation, your membership will run until the current paid period finishes up. If you decide to buy an Xbox Game Pass membership once more, look for “Xbox Game Pass” on the Microsoft Store and finish the on-screen steps. With Xbox One programmed cloud spares, your game spare information will likewise be recuperated when re-joining the program.

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