delete files synced from older PCs

How we can delete files synced from older PCs

Data Synchronization is one of the easiest means of data transportation. Operating systems like Windows, Android, iOS, and macOS let their users synchronized data on the dedicated cloud. This option comes handy when you replace your computer or smartphone with a new one. You don’t need to transfer data from an old device to a new one manually. All you need to do is to sign-in with the old account on a new device. Your whole data will be on a new device within a few minutes.

How to delete files synced from older PCs

Sometimes the user’s data is not much important or he doesn’t want to retrieve old data on a new phone. But maybe after entering the account, his synchronized data gets automatically into the new computer. Well, it’s not a big deal that if you want to delete the whole data at one time. You don’t need to delete each file or folder individually because you can do it as a whole at one time.

Delete the Outlook Cache:

You have to delete the Outlook Cache on a new PC. Here are the steps through which you can delete the Outlook Caches. Don’t worry, it won’t delete emails, contacts, or other useful information.

delete files synced from older PCs

  • Press Windows + R on your PC keyboard to open the Windows dialog box.
  • Enter <%localappdata%MicrosoftOutlook> location and hit Enter
  • Navigate to the RoamCache folder to view the cache files
  • Select all of the files and press Delete Button on Keyboard. Or select all files through mouse than right-click the highlighted files and select Delete.
  • Outlook will automatically make new cache files when you open Outlook
  • Every time you change your PC you have to follow these steps. If you make a new ID then there is no need to following this procedure.

Turn off Indexing Completely:

  1. Press Windows + R to open the dialog box.
  2. Type in control.exe on the appeared box.
  3. Change the view to Small Icons, options present at the top right side.
  4. Select the Administrative Tools option.
  5. Click on Services and Scroll down till you find either Indexing Service or Windows Search option.
  6. Double-click on Windows Search and click the Stop button
  7. Change the Startup Type to Disabled and Reboot your PC.

That’s all these were the procedure to delete Old Synced data on a new PC. We just want to say that it’s better the delete the files individually. So, that if there is any importance file among that data it can come in your eyes. For any kind of software, assistance contact our Tech Experts through the judgment box below. Follow us on social media.

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