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Do you want to take screenshots with a Smart TV? – Here are the ways

Smart TV’s or Android TVs are expensive for a reason. They are able to let you create your own home cinema. That’s why people nowadays prefer to use Smart TV over other TVs. Even you can use a proper Android OS on the TV Screens. The main usage of these devices is movie and media content streaming. Even you can use Netflix on them. In the smartphones alike features of smart TV, Screenshot option also exists. But, most of the users don’t know about it. That’s why there are many users having a question that can take a screenshot on Smart TV or not?

How to take screenshots with a Smart TV:

Well, Smart TVs are called “Smart for a reason. Of course, you can take a screenshot on smart TVs. Infact there are multiple ways to perform this task. Below we have mentioned a trio of procedures that let you take a Screenshot with Smart TVs.

1. Use TV Remote:

Like smartphones have the buttons combination to take a screenshot. Similarly, you can take a screenshot on Smart TVs using the buttons combination.

  1. Open the screen which you want to screenshot on a Smartphone.
  2. Press the Power button and volume down button simultaneously on a TV remote.
  3. Screenshot animation will be displayed on the TV. It indicated that you have taken a screenshot successfully.

2. Use stock Screenshot option:

This feature comes in stock with Smart TV having Android OS. This option is present in limited Variants, so maybe you find this option on your Smart TV or not.

  1. Access the Home menu on your SmartTV.
  2. Find the screenshot feature, check either it is present or not.
  3. If yes! then click the option to take the screenshot of the desired screen.
  4. The screenshot will save in the Photos option.

3. Smart TV official app:

Now Smart TV have their official apps as well. Samsung, Sony, Mi, and other manufacturers have their apps on the Android Play Store and Apple App Store too. Most of the app lets you take a screenshot of the Smart TV screen when you use the app as the TV Remote.

take screenshot on smart tv

For example if you are a Mi TV user, you can download Mi Remote Controller app on your Android or iOS smartphone. Open the app and you can take a screenshot of any screen displayed on your Smart TV.

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