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How to Activate Payoneer card – Easy steps

by Hassan Mujtaba
Activate Payoneer Card

Payoneer is one of the leading online fund transfer services in the world. A wide range of professional and part-timers are using this service. Especially the content creators like Bloggers, vLoggers and Freelancers are relying on this service. There are hell of similar services but PayPal and Payoneer are absolutely top-notch. They are running a proper online bank with hell of services. Now the Payoneer setup is so massive, and they cover the 6 continents, over 200 plus countries. Noteworthy services of Payoneer are cross border wire transfers, online payments, and refillable debit card services etc. We also suggest the companies to transfer salaries using Payoneer to across the border employees.

Payoneer also offers the Mastercard which is international and chargeable all around the world. You can use the card to withdraw money from ATM. Or, you can also use it for local or online shopping. But wait, have you activated your Payoneer card yet?

There are a lot of users who don’t know that Payoneer card have to activated before use. Just like you activate your Bank Debit or Credit card. Did you just receive your Payoneer card and don’t know how to activate it? You are at the right spot. Because here we will guide you step by step how to activate your Payoneer Card. Let’s Begin!

How to activate your Payoneer card in just a few easy steps:

Open browser on your Phone or Computer.

  1. Visit the Official Website of Payoneer.
  2. Here Sign-in with your Payoneer on behalf of which you received the card.
  3. Go to the Settings Section.
  4. Navigate to the Card Management.
  5. Select the Card which you want to Activate.
  6. Click on the Card Activation Button.
  7. Here you need to enter the 16-digit number of card which you wish to activate.
  8. Now choose the 4 digit pin which you have to enter for Card Security. Pin is compulsory so that only you can make the transactions through that card. Please choose that Pin which is easily memorable for you and only you.
  9. After Entering the pin, Confirm it.
  10. Now Click on tap on the Activate button. A Confirmation message will appear in pop-up.

Your Payoneer Card is ready to use now. Please don’t activate your card using other person’s PC or Phone. It’s better to follow those procedure on your personal Phone or PC only. So that your Payoneer accounts funds will remain safe only in your occupation.

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