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How to Lock Windows 10 Automatically

by Mohsin Raza

Locking your PC when you step away from it is one of the most basic security rehearses you can do. Indeed, solid passwords and different parts of “security cleanliness” are significant, yet if somebody increases physical access to your files, the fight is lost. In any case, there’s no motivation to leave your PC unlocked; there are no less than five basic approaches to lock your PC when you leave the room, in any event, for a snappy task.

How to Lock Windows 10 PC


Maybe the single least demanding and most solid approach to lock your PC is to squeeze Windows Key+L. The PC will lock quickly, and you can enter your password when you return to use it once more.


This console alternate route is among the most seasoned at any point made that is still in everyday use by a large number of PC users. To lock your PC, press Ctrl+Alt+Delete, then, on the alternatives screen, select Lock.


Windows, for the most part, gives you a few different ways to achieve a typical assignment, and this is a genuine case of a less normal (and honestly progressively bulky) approach to lock the screen.

  1. Select the Start menu.
  2. Select the user symbol for your Windows account on the left half of the screen.
  3. Select Lock


If you use a screen saver, you can give it the extra obligation of consequently locking the screen for you.

  1. Open the Control Panel.
  2. In the pursuit enclose the upper right corner, type “screen saver,” then select a Change screen saver.
  3. Set the measure of time you need the PC to hold up before starting the screen saver, then select On continue, show login screen.
  4. Select OK

Use Your Phone with Dynamic Lock to Lock Windows 10

Another element in the Windows 10 Creators Update, discharged in April 2019, is called Dynamic Lock. If you pair your smartphone with your PC, you can set your PC to naturally lock when you remove your phone from Bluetooth extend.

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A few things to remember about Dynamic Lock:

  • Your PC must be connected with Bluetooth.
  • If you remove your phone from your PC, yet remain inside Bluetooth extend (around 30 feet), the PC won’t lock.
  • Regardless of whether you do take the phone outside Bluetooth run, it might take two or three minutes for the PC to lock.
  • This element isn’t perfect for everybody. All things considered, it’s advantageous and cool in a cutting edge way, so you should turn this element on as a reinforcement for times when you neglect to lock it physically in one of the different ways.
  • Ensure your phone is on, unlocked, and close to your PC.

How to:

  1. On your PC, open Windows’ Settings
  2. In the search box at the highest point of the Windows Settings window, type “Bluetooth,” then press Enter.
  3. Select Bluetooth and other device settings.
  4. If it’s not enabled, select the Bluetooth switch. It will go blue to show it’s on.
  5. Select the + alongside “Add Bluetooth or another device.”
  6. In the Add a device window, select Bluetooth.
  7. Select your phone when it appears in the rundown. You should see notifications appear on both the PC and phone. Acknowledge them two.
  8. Back in Windows’ Settings, select Home > Accounts.
  9. Select Sign-in options.
  10. Look down to Dynamic Lock and choose Allow Windows to automatically lock your device when you’re away.

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