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How To Remove BIOS Password in Windows 10

by Ishaq Dar
Remove BIOS Password in Windows 10

If you love the security & privacy of your machine, then the first thing hits your mind is setting a password. Because it’s the only way you are going to protect your privacy. You can never know when your device is going to get a hit from an intruder. So to protect your device from harm’s way, you set a strong password that no else can even imagine.

Likewise, it’s a lot easier to crack a Windows 10 login password. Meaning, it doesn’t ensure the security of your device. So the best option is by setting a BIOS Password. But every time you set a password, there’s a chance of forgetting it. If that’s the case, use my guide on How To Remove BIOS Password in Windows 10. I only know of three possible ways to complete the task and I’ve drafted them in the guide below:

3 Methods To Remove BIOS Password in Windows 10

1) Use Safe Mode With Command Prompt

  • Start your PC and visit the Boot Menu(you can enter such mode by pressing Esc/F10/F8 key).
  • Select “Safe Mode with Command Prompt” from the menu.
  • Here, wait till you see the CMD interface.
  • Now inside command prompt, type “Debug” and press enter.
  • Execute the following commands in the command prompt.
    • o70 2E
    • 071 FF
    • Quit
  • Execute the “Exit” command to save changes and restart your computer.

2) Reset BIOS Settings

  • Unplug your PC from any power sources (if you are using a laptop, also remove its battery).
  • Now remove the cover of your machine to see its motherboard.
  • From your PC’s motherboard, look for CMOS battery (it looks like a cell).

Remove BIOS Password in Windows 10

  • After removing and putting back the CMOS battery, whole BIOS settings will reset.
  • Turn on your PC and you’ll see a warning saying “Date & Time not set”.
  • Navigate to BIOS settings and make tweaks as you desire.
  • At last, reboot your PC.

3) Get BIOS Master Password Generator

  • Click here to start resetting your BIOS password.
  • Scroll down to locate a code to represent your device.

Remove BIOS Password in Windows 10

  • After entering the code inside the above-provided empty box, click on “Get Password”

Remove BIOS Password in Windows 10

  • Now you’ll see a similar password that you use to have for BIOS settings.

That’s all, keep visiting WindowsBoy for more.

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