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How to Delete Payoneer Account? – Cancel your Payoneer Account

by Hassan Mujtaba
delete Payoneer Account

Either it’s your bank account or online payment source, you can’t leave it derelict. Either you keep using these accounts or delete/cancel them. The financial matters are so sensitive. Your every transaction is tracked by government. If someone makes misuse of your account, you can see the jail walls for nothing. There are some online payment sources which are formed to assist professionals especially freelancers, bloggers and vLoggers. Payoneer is one of the top-notch, trustworthy and online payment sources.

Its an online popular finance service provider company. Operate on the rules of boards of revenues and income tax departments in every country. If any of you is a Payoneer account holder but don’t use it, its better to delete or cancel account. Many queries related to Payoneer are registered on online questioning answering platforms  recently. Most of them want to know how to delete Payoneer Account. So to guide such users, we are here with a simple guide.

How to Delete or Cancel Payoneer Account?

This procedure is very easy, you just need to do dew clicks and your relation with Payoneer will be over. Here are the steps, through these you can delete your Payoneer Account Permanently. Before Payoneer Account cancellation you should ensure that you removed the Bank Account from Payoneer Account. Here are the steps to remove the current Bank account from the platform.

delete Payoneer Account

  1. Sign-in to your Payoneer Account on the browser. Enter your username and password.
  2. Click on the Settings option present at the top right side corner.
  3. There will be a Bank Accounts option in the list, select it.
  4. Choose the More Button (a three dots icon).
  5. Click on the Delete Account option.
  6. Click on Delete Account option again to confirm the cancellation.
  7. After the confirmation your Bank Account will be removed in a while.

Cancel Payoneer Account with these steps:

Well, you have to request PayPal Authorities to delete Payoneer Account. You can’t delete Payoneer Account independently.

First you have to make sure that your Payoneer Accounts is empty. If there are any funds in your account than Withdraw the amount first. Because if you deleted your account which contain funds, Payoneer will block those funds. You will not be able to recover those funds again. Not just accounts your Payoneer Card should be empty. After withdrawal, contact Payoneer Support for further assistance in cancelling your Payoneer Account.

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