Fix can’t make a purchase on

Xbox is a gaming console by which you can play many games online and offline. Xbox gaming console is manufactured by Microsoft. It allows users to play high-end graphical games. Play online many actions, adventure, strategical and more games online with players around the world. Most of you like to play multiplayer games to show your skills to the world.

In Xbox live you are allowed to play multiplayer games online by creating an account in Some of the games are free to play in but some of the games are paid. Millions of users have created an account in it and play online games without any problems. It offers tons of game titles and you can purchase any of your favorite games from there.

Recently many users have reported that they are getting issues while purchasing anything their Xbox account. When they try to purchase ot even want to download any free game then they get the error message Your account is unable to make this type of purchase on Please complete this transaction from your Xbox.

This error mostly comes when a user was registered with a child or teen account. You are restricted to buy the content which is So you need to change some of the information in your account to solve this error from your Xbox account.

can’t make a purchase on

How to buy items in Xbox without restrictions?

First of all, you need to modify the restrictions and the information about your age on your account. Most of the time by changing the age information in your account users have solved this problem.

Because you need an adult account to purchase all items in the Xbox account. Most of the Xbox one users are facing Your account is unable to make this type of purchase on error while purchasing.

If you create an account with Xbox One then you need to change the age information from the settings of your account. But the Xbox 360 users, they already upgraded to an adult account.

After changing the age information in your account still getting the error then we thi9nk that try the below methods. These methods are the best in your are facing the error Your account is unable to make this type of purchase on Below you will see three simple solutions that will work the best in our opinion.

  1. Ask your friend to purchase from their account and gift it to you.
  2. If you get your hands on an Xbox 360 console and make your purchase from there.
  3. Create a new account but carefully set it as an adult account with no restrictions from the start.

These are the solutions that are mostly using by people who are getting this error while purchasing any item from their Xbox account.

We hope that this article will help you on how to Fix can’t make a purchase on If you have any questions or want to give suggestions then leave a message in the comment section below.

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