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How to Delete PayPal Account – Simple Guide

by Hassan Mujtaba
Delete PayPal Account

Either Bank account or Virtual Wallet, it should be remained in use or be closed permanently. You can’t leave your PayPal account or commend it to others. If you don’t need PayPal accounts anymore you should delete. Bank financial matters are really sensitive, one mistake can take you to the jail. Even if you are not behind the mess but someone used your account by a trick. S, no matter what the wallet is! Bank or online sources PayPal/Payoneer, if you don’t need account anymore close it.

Most of the people know how to create account on PayPal. The platform its self guides you through on screen instructions. Problem arises at the time of closing it. Many people don’t know how to delete the PayPal Account. Today’s article will help such users. We have written a couple of methods through which you can Delete your PayPal Account permanently.

How to Delete PayPal Account:

Deletion procedure matters on what type of Account you are using. By default, PayPal offers 2 types of current accounts. One is personal account which is dedicated to one person only. It is used only for personal purposes.

Delete PayPal Account

Second is the PayPal Business Account which is used by individual or organization for online payments. They have a bit of difference, so we are writing guides for both one by one.

Delete Personal PayPal Account:

  1. Open the browser, Visit PayPal Account Login page and enter your details.
  2. Once Account opened, Click on the Settings Menu.
  3. Click on the “Close Your Account” option from the menu.
  4. May PayPal demand your bank account details, if so, then enter the details.
  5. After completing the formalities click on the Close Account.

Now your PayPal Account is deactivated. Remember deactivation term usually refer as “reactivate able” on Facebook, Instagram etc. But this scene is not for PayPal once you deactivated your account it will be deleted permanently with in a second.

Delete Business PayPal Account:

  1. Log-in to your PayPal Account on Browser or App.
  2. Navigate to the profile icon next to Log-out option.
  3. Now click on the Profile and Settings option.
  4. Choose the Account Settings.
  5. At the end, click on the Close Account button.

If you have any important information on your PayPal account than save it offline first. Because you can’t even get the transaction history once you broke your relation with PayPal. So is better to keep in mind. That’s all from our side. For queries visit our contact us page. Or, comment your problems in the below comment box. Our tech experts will assist you anytime.

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