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How to Recover Steam password – Easy Guide

by Hassan Mujtaba
recover Steam Password

Steam is one of the biggest games distributors of the modern era. According to the facts collected in 2019, there are more than thirty thousand games available on Steam. This service was launched by the Valve in 2003. Due to the massive database of games and millions of users the Steam valued at 10 Billion dollars. Numerous hardcore gamers prefer Steam over other distributors. Just because of game management and automatic updates.

For using the Steam, users have to Sign-up on it. Obviously you have to enter the ID and Password. That’s not a surprise moment if someone forgot the Steam password. There are plenty of users who reported that they forgot their Steam Password. And, the second problem is that they don’t know how to recover Steam Password. There is not a single app or website in the world which doesn’t offer password recovery. All platform which is based on Log-in have this option available unlimited times.

Recover Steam password with these simple steps:

This article is demonstrated for the Steam users. We will guide them on How to recover Steam Password. There are easy steps to accomplish the task by Steam users. Follow them and you will recover your Steam Password Successfully.

recover Steam Password

Steam users already know that their account is protected by the Strong Steam guard. The Steam Guard offers you 3 options. Each of the options will send you a code on your Mail or number. Through that Code, you will be able to recover the Steam password. You have to confirm the recovery by clicking on the verification Link. Steam Guard will send you link on that mail which you have used while creating Steam Account.

  1. Open the Steam Log-in page on your PC.
  2. Enter your username in the given bar.
  3. Now click on the Forgot Password option given below “Password” option.  Confirm that you forgot your Password.
  4. For confirmation click on “I forgot my Steam account name or password” option.
  5. Enter your Email, Account name or your registered phone number on Steam.

Open your Email account, refresh it once. Open the mail sent by Steam team. Copy that code at enter it to the Steam. If you have used phone number instead of mail than you will get the text with Code.

After entering the correct code you have to enter new password. This time you should enter such password which is easily memorable for you. That’s all! From us. If you need any kind of further assistance regarding Steam, feel free to contact us.

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