open multiple files in VS Code

How can we open multiple files in VS Code?

VS code is the visual code editor developed by the Microsoft for its clients. This tool is widely used by the developers to edit the codes of different programs related to their field. Visual Studio Code includes the Embedded GIT Control, Debugging and much useful stuff for the clients.  Surely it is that kind of code editor which you can rely on.

Sometimes you need to run more than one file at a time on VS Code. Many users don’t know how to do this. Because if we intend to open the second file in VS code editor it replaces the first time. Well, it doesn’t mean that you can’t open 2 files on VS code at a time. You just need to follow the basic technique to do this.

How to Open Multiple files on VS Code?

There are 2 main methods to accomplish this task. The first method is a little bit technical and the second one is tricky but easy. In today’s article, we will guide you on how to open multiple files in the VS Code.

First Method – VS Code Settings Modification:

No doubt this method is technical a bit but still easy through these steps. You have to explore some settings and then you will be able to open more than one file on VS Code.

  1. Launch VS Code software on your Windows Laptop or Desktop.
  2. On the upper menu click on the File option.
  3. From the appeared list choose the Preferences option.
  4. You will get a list of various options here, click on the Settings.
  5. Now VS code will prompt a list of User and Workspace Settings.
    1. Choose the Workspace Settings.
    2. Search for workbench.editor.showTabs
    3. Change the value to True.

After such settings customization, you will be able to open 2 or more files in VS  code at a time. Remember if you kept the value to False then only one file can be run at a time in VS Code. If you intend to open the second file with the same value its will replace the first one.

open multiple files in VS Code

Second Method – Mouse shortcut:

May you have noticed that on the Taskbar in Windows, you need to click once to open any file. While in the folders or desktop screen, you need to click twice to open the file. You can apply this trick on the VS Code. First, drag the Visual Studio Code at the Taskbar. Now click twice on the Visual Studio code on TaskBar.

This action will open the tabs of the VS Code at a time. Now you can open the second file on second tab by using the file option. If you want to open more than 2 files, left-click on VS Code as many times as the number of tabs you want to open. This trick is the most common trick on computer 2 open multiple files of the same genre.

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