In-Car WiFi Not Working

How To Fix In-Car WiFi Not Working

Nowadays most of you use the wifi connection in cars. Because they want to connect with the wifi where ever they go. Many of them use the wifi connection to play songs while driving online. Some use the wifi connection in cars to get themselves updated with urgent updates. Wifi also provides a better connection than Bluetooth of your car.

In this modern era, Wifi is the must need thing anywhere you go. Because you can access the web on your smartphones, tablets, laptops, and others. Most of you are using social media apps to make long calls with your client, so they need to be connected with the wifi connection all the time.

So today we are going to tell you the best methods if your card wifi is not working. We provide you the methods that will help you fix this problem.

What to do if Car Wifi is not working?

1. Check your Internet connection is available

Before you do anything to solve this problem, first of all, check your internet or wifi connection is available or not. So you have to make sure that there is no problem with the server-side. If your internet service is working properly and there are no issues with it then you need to follow the next methods.

In-Car WiFi Not Working

2. Change your car internet router socket

There are many users suggesting by changing their internet router socket they are able to solve the wifi not working problem. Many cars are there in the market that has two wifi sockets available in it. So change your socket from the front one to the rear one that also works exactly like the front one. The rear socket also has enough power to work properly in your car.

In-Car WiFi Not Working

Note: If you do not know where is the other socket inside the car, then contact the manufacturer of your car company.

3. Make sure that the voltage of the sockets is enough to power the device

If the voltage of the sockets is low then you can also face the wifi not working problem. So make sure that the voltage is enough in the sockets to give the power that is required. Some of your use powerful wifi car routers that they can not get the complete power from the sockets available in their cars.

So if you want to know the voltage available in the sockets of your car then search online by writing your car model. Also, go to the mechanic near you and they will tell you about the voltage available in your car sockets.

In-Car WiFi Not Working

4. Check your car router is working

If all of your sockets are working properly and providing enough voltage to your wifi router and still getting the issue, then check your car router. Using the defect car router gives you trouble while connecting with the wifi network.

So if you want to check that your car router is working properly ot not, then try that element to the other compatible car and check if you face any issues.

If the router is creating a problem in other cars as well then you need to contact the internet provider for the new one.


So having an internet connection in the car is very useful for many of you. We have provided the best solutions to fix the Wifi not working problem. If you solve the problem by following any of the methods given above then let us know. Feel free to share your opinions and give suggestions to us in the comment section below.

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