Uninstall Adobe Application Manager

How to Uninstall Adobe Application Manager completely

In the previous days, we have seen a large number of users complaining of a common problem. They are saying that once they installed Adobe Application Manager on Windows, they are unable to remove it. Well, according to our experience there is not a single third party software that can’t be uninstalled. Only some stock programs of Windows can’t be uninstalled. The rest of all software are removable.

We have done some research and concluded a solution for our users. Here is the complaint which was registered by stjunkie on Adobe Support.

I mistakenly installed Adobe Application Manager last night because I thought it was needed to make it easier to update my existing Adobe Reader v10 and my other Adobe products (AIR, Flash, Photoshop Elements, and Premier Elements). How stupid of me to not do my research FIRST!!! Now I can not get rid of the damned thing.

stjunkie – A Adobe Application Manager User.

Well, it doesn’t seem to be a problem with the software, we can say its lack of awareness by users. Anyhow these are the procedure to uninstall Adobe Application Manager completely from the computer.

Adobe Services Subscribers can’t remove it?

If any of you are using an Adobe app on your computer than unfortunately, you can’t uninstall Adobe Application Manager. This is the fact declared by the Adobe in their official statement regarding the issue.

Official Statement: The official response says: Don’t remove Adobe Application Manager if you still want to use Adobe apps on your PC.

The Adobe Application Manager is a must for the Adobe applications. This manager validates your licenses and checks for newly released updates, which can be an issue if you want to use the apps normally. It means the only option left for you to uninstall Adobe Application Manager is to delete each and every Adobe app, which you are using. To do so, type “Add or Remove Program” on the Windows search. Click on the option in the appeared list. Now you will see the list of all apps which are installed on your PC.

Click on and Adobe App and then select an uninstall option. Remove all Adobe apps by repeating the same action. After uninstallation of Adobe apps you can uninstall Adobe Application Manager.

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