How to Enable Master Boot Record Security

Laptop Manufacturers offer some security measures in stock. They arrive in Laptop variants stock storage drives. This security measure is known as MBR, Master Boot Record. It is an important part of the disk. Through MBR Security, Laptop users can successfully boot from disk in a secure environment. Data can be accessed with a strongly bounded security circle. You need to maintain it with safety measures because it is much important.

It will prevent all the viruses, malware and unannounced changes caused d by malicious software. Moreover, you can keep your computer safe from such errors that occur due to faulty disk utilities. Usually, the latest and registered Laptops, Desktops have enabled this feature in stock settings. But, maybe it is not enabled by default in some Variants. That’s not a big deal because you can enable Master Boot Record Security by yourself.  We highly recommend enabling this service by Microsoft. As it can keep the computer secure and save you from many major threats as well as.

Maybe a user having an average mind willnot easily pick the guide to accomplish this task.  So, we are writing down a step by step guide on how to enable Master Boot Record Security on the computer.

This is how you can Turn on Master Boot Record Security on PC:

  1. If your device is currently operative than you have to turn it OFF first.
  2. Restart your computer by pressing the power button. Enter the BIOS menu.
    1. BIOS (Basic Input Output System) Menu process varies from PC to PC. It controls communication between system devices such as the disk drive, display, and keyboard, etc. So go to Device Manufacturer’s website to get more info about the matter.
  3. Once you opened the BIOS menu a blue screen will appear. Here you will see the Security tab, Enter it.
  4. Under the Security tab, you will find Master Boot Record Security Tab.  Change the option from Disabled to Enabled.
  5. Select Save Master Boot Record option to save your changes.
  6. After all the procedure, exit the BIOS menu.

Effects of Enabling Master Boot Record Security:

You are customizing a stock feature on your device, Obviously, MBR Security will bound you in some limitations. Here are the effects which occur after Enabling Master Boot Record. Every time you will turn on your PC the BIOS will compare the stock MBR with the one you recently changed.

When the BIOS detects the change it will prompt an error message. It if happens with you than you have got some options to deal with it. For example;

  1. Save the MBR of the current bootable disk
  2. Restore the previously saved MBR
  3. Disable the MBR Security feature

Now it’s your choice which option you go with. Anyhow that was all from our side. Every product either physically or virtually has its pros and cons. That depends on the user he or she is comfortable with customized settings or want to go back to factory settings. If you have any issue while following this guide, ask us through Comment Box.

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