How to Remove Master Boot Record virus from PC

Many windows users faced different types of viruses on their PC. Some viruses are very dangerous which can be only removed through erasing all data of the computer means factory reset. Then there is a small virus that can be removed from just one antivirus scan. From the most common virus in computer Master Boot Record MBR Virus also shows its presence.

What is MBR Virus?

Such type of virus usually comes to existence when we insert a corrupted Floppy Drive or USB. Users may not aware that Floppy or USB Drive which they are using is the virus infected. As a result, the virus gets transferred to the user’s computer and their essential work can be disturbed through it. The biggest symptoms of this virus are that your PC reboots several times without your command. MBR Virus is not just a headache for users but also a loss of work. Your computer may not save the file before rebooting. And, users have to start work from the begining due to MBR Virus.

get rid of MBR Virus

This virus spreads very fast. Within no time it replaces the stock driver reader code with infected code. Due to this action whenever you insert another Floppy or attach USB with PC, MBR Virus may also affect that drive. Like previously we discussed the MEKA virus in recent tutorials. MBR Virus also comes with the promotive type of coding. We may consider that this film gets finished but it doesn’t completely get removed. The only thing which can save you from such viruses is that Antivirus must be already installed on PC. So you can remove the virus quickly once scanned. Other MBR may cause havoc when they manifest.


How to get rid of a Master Boot Record virus:

Well, unfortunately, if MBR Virus has already infected alot of data than you can do nothing. This virus can destroy all of your data if it is not early detected. It’s impossible to remove this virus then. The only thing which can save you is the Antivirus if it’s installed before virus apocalypse.

The solution to remove the virus is to wash the Harddisk. Take your computer hard drive to the nearest computer technician and say him to wipe up your hard drive completely. But this action will delete all of your computer data. You can’t recover the data later unless you back up the data on any cloud storage.

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