How to Fix CCC.exe Error on Windows 10 (Catalyst Control Center)

Catalyst Control Center is a utility that comes packaged with the driver that makes your AMD video card work. It appears as CCC.exe in your task manager, and under most conditions, you won’t ever need to stress over it. You may need to dive into your Catalyst Control Center settings if you mess around on your PC, and it might require consideration if it ever goes haywire, yet you’re generally protected simply disregarding it.

What Does Catalyst Control Center Do?

Catalyst Control Center starts up when you turn on your PC because it needs to run out of sight to deal with the activity of your AMD video card. Similar programming was likewise used to oversee ATI video cards before AMD acquired ATI, so more established PCs with ATI cards may likewise have CCC.exe installed.


If you don’t play computer games on your PC, you most likely won’t ever need to contact Catalyst Control Center, however, if you do, it’s really clear. The product enables you to check for driver updates for your video card and deal with the activity of the card.

A portion of the essential things you can do with the Catalyst Control Center incorporate changing the goals, or desktop territory, and the rate at which your screen revives. There is likewise a great deal of further developed settings that are for the most part useful for gamers. For example, you can change hostile to associating settings inside the Catalyst Control Center, which can expel spiked edges from 3D objects.

If you have a workstation that has two video cards, you can likewise use the Catalyst Control Center to switch between them. This is useful if you notice terrible showing when playing a game, which can be caused if the game isn’t using your powerful AMD video card.

How Did CCC.exe Get on My Computer?

If you have an AMD video card, then CCC.exe normally gets installed close by the driver that really makes the card work. While it is conceivable to install only the driver, without Catalyst Control Center, it’s substantially more typical to install them all together. Different executables, for example, MOM.exe, are additionally remembered for the bundle.

In less regular conditions, it’s conceivable that you may have been hit with an infection or malware that masks itself as the Catalyst Control Center. If you have an Nvidia video card, and your PC never had an AMD card installed, this might be the situation.

Is CCC.exe a Virus?

While CCC.exe isn’t an infection when you download it legitimately from AMD, it is workable for an infection to camouflage itself as CCC.exe. Any great enemy of infection or hostile to malware program will get this sort of shrouded issue, however, you can likewise simply take a gander at the area of CCC.exe on your PC. You can achieve this in six basic steps:

  1. Press control+shift+esc on your console to open the task manager.
  2. Snap the processes tab.
  3. Search for CCC.exe in the name segment.
  4. Record what it says in the relating command line column.
  5. If there is no command-line column, right-click the name segment then left-click where it says command line.
  6. If your copy of CCC.exe is real, the area given in the order line section will be something like Program Files (x86)/ATI Technologies. At whatever point CCC.exe appears in whatever another area, that means that it might be malware.

How to Fix CCC.exe Problems

When CCC.exe encounters an issue, it might cause a mistake message to spring up on your screen. Some regular mistake messages include:

  • CCC.exe has quit working
  • CCC.exe has encountered an issue
  • Catalyst Control Center: have application has experienced a mistake and needs to close

This normally happens when something gets undermined, and the most well-known arrangements are to fix the Catalyst Control Center installation or to reinstall it inside and out. In more established forms of Windows, you can do this in the Programs and Features area of the Control Panel. In Windows 10, you have to explore to Apps and Features in Windows Settings.

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