Avoid Kernel Security Check Failure errors

Best Ways to avoid Kernel Security Check Failure errors on Windows 10

Blue Screen of death is the worst type of error that can arrise in smartphones and computers. Because your computer gets paralyzed to perform any operation. There are various reasons for the BSOD occurrence. Handling this issue can be a serious headache for you. Only technicians can solve this issue then. Well, it is necessary to appoint some precautionary measurements so you can avoid this issue. Your computer should be prepared for these situations.

Even users who have updated their device on Windows 10 latest version can’t get rid of it completely. after hours of research, we concluded some precautionary practices. These are the common measurements that can save you from serious device issues like BSOD, Malware affection and others. BSOD on a laptop usually occurs due to virus or malware infections. Or maybe the mistake from your side such as installing incompatible drivers from non Secure source can cause this. So you should secure your device through tight security.

Hardware components must be bonded firmly:

Actually this heading doesn’t refer to precaution. It is the solution to fixing BSOD. The most common reasons behind BSOD is the hardware component failure. You have to make sure all hardware components should be connected strongly in their dedicated slots. The most important components are RAM and Harddrive. You should never try to unplug or remove these components while your laptop is operative.

avoid Kernel Security Check Failure errors

If unfortunately, you face the BSOD issue on Laptop then turn off the device. Open your Laptop back with screwdrivers. Check the slots make sure all components are attached properly in their slots. Remove and reattached the components and then try again, turn on your laptop. Hopefully this time you will not face the BSOD error.

Always keep your Windows Updated:

Microsoft launched the Windows 10 updates time by time. So you have to make sure that you utilize those updates on time. The better way is to update the Windows at night right on the arrival date. This small care can keep your device safe from many errors and issues including BSOD. Because every Windows update includes the fixes to the previous version issues.

Always use official Drivers:

The fake or virus effected drivers are the root of mess in many issues. Careless people download drivers for Windows 10 from unsecure platforms which are not on HTTPS protocols. So you should avoid using the unofficial drivers. It’s better to install the official drivers from Microsoft support. These drivers are developed by highly qualified professionals. So there is no chance of question arising that they will because of BSOD or not.

Scan your Computer Timely:

Every time you open a laptop or desktop you should scan the whole device through Antivirus. The best antivirus for Windows 10 is Kaspersky, Avira, Avast Bytefence, etc. Keep one of these on your computer and when you have free time scan your computer. So, you can remove the harmful file from a computer if there is any.

Your computer needs a break!:

Actually there are many users who don’t shut down their computers even after work. My previous laptop was also get destroyed due to this habit. Many of us just slammed the Laptop shut without properly shutting down it. Due to the nonstop operation, our Laptops can be heated up. And, if we don’t leave it on rest than it can be burst. This thing can be more harmful to you from both points of view workly and financially.


These are the possible things which you can do on your own to avoid BSOD. You may have to pay a minor amount for purchasing Antivirus services for the long term. Every good thing never comes for free. That’s not a big deal if you spent some dollars on your device security and safety. If you keep all these factors in your mind and follow practically, you will never face BSOD on your Laptop or Desktop.

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