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What is Microsoft Azure and How it Works?

by Hassan Mujtaba
Microsoft Azure

Microsoft Azure is the cloud service launched by Microsoft. It is a great facility for Windows and Mac users. Now atleast they have got the facility to back up their data. It is developed for building, testing, and managing applications. A developer can take help from the Microsoft data centers as they offer free services in Azure. Other than app development Microsoft Azure also supports various programming languages. The programmer will get tools, and frameworks also. It was launched in 2010 and now available for all Windows users.

Many Windows users are not aware of what is Microsoft Azure, the above segment is for them. Now we are moving towards a guide. The guide is prepared for those Windows users who don’t know how to use Microsoft Azure.

How do I use Microsoft Azure?

Microsoft Azure can be operated through Microsoft or Github Account. Or you can manually sign-in through ID and Password.  Follow the below steps to create an Azure account and use it.

Microsoft Azure

  • Go to the Microsoft Azure website. Click the Start free button. Microsoft Azure offers the massive 1 year free trial period for the new user. Probably that’s the only service in the technology world that offers such a massive free trial time.
  • Now choose an option from start free and Buy now. In our opinion, you should try it first.
    Follow the on-screen instructions on the screen to set up Microsoft Azure and make it ready to use.

FAQs about Microsoft Azure

How much Microsoft Azure costs / Is Microsoft Azure free?

It is free to install and use but just for 12 months. For using it further you have to subscribe to Microsoft Azure services.  In addition to the Azure package, there are 25 more services that are available for free at any time. Here are the plans and services offered by Microsoft Azure.

  • DEVELOPER: Trial and non-production environments – $29/mo
  • STANDARD: Production workload environments – $100/mo
  • PROFESSIONAL DIRECT: Business-critical dependence – $1,000/mo
  • PREMIER: On-demand services contact Microsoft support for it.

What are the benefits of Azure?

Microsoft Azure offers many benefits as a cloud computing service, It is globally available to all Microsoft Windows users and. Other benefits of this service are;

  • scalability,
  • disaster recovery,
  • cost savings,
  • compliance,
  • development-focused interspersed transmission pipeline.

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