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Open Two Excel Files in Separate Windows at a Time

by Hassan Mujtaba
Open two Excel files in Separate Windows

Microsoft Excel is one of the most used products on Windows. It is an important part of the Microsoft suite developed for the Windows operating system. There is a solvable problem with Excel. When users intend to open 2 excel files at a time. The second file automatically replaces the first excel file. It means only one excel file can be used at a time.

Well, we brought some ways by which you can open 2 Excel files at a time. You don’t need to install any third-party software for this. Only you need to do is to do some tricks which are totally legal. Excel is a sheet making platform. It is quite possible that users have to compare 2 sheets for some work. In such a situation the user’s time consumption gets so much because he have to compare each cell, each column one by one.

How to Open two Excel files at a time?

Closing one and opening the second procedure is not suitable and also consumes alot of time. Through the tricks mentioned below, users can save alot of time.

1) Open Excel Twice:

In this procedure, you have to open Excel multiple times on your Desktop. First, bring the Excel icon at the taskbar for your ease. Click on the Excel icon to open the sheet.

  1. Again click on the Excel icon to open the second sheet. Now there are 2 excel files on the Desktop screen.
  2. Click on the Restore icon on both Excel files.
  3. Now drag the first Excel file to the right side of Desktop. And then, drag the second sheet to the right side of the Desktop.
    Open two Excel files in separate windows
  4. Now both Excel files are open at a desktop at a time. Click on the File and select the file which you want to open in each of the Excel Window. Comparing Excel Sheets is easy for you now. The multitasking of Excel at its best.

2) Through the Keyboard’s Shift Key:

This procedure is easier than the first one. All you need to do is to use the Keybaord Shift key. The trick is that you have to click on the Excel icon present at the taskbar. Now press and hold the shift key meanwhile click on the Excel icon again. The second excel sheet will open within no time. Now restore down both sheets, drag and drop sheets to the left and right sides as shown in the last 2 steps of the above method.

3) View > Side Option:

This option is present by default but many Excel users are not aware of it. All Microsoft Excel versions from 2007 to 2019 offers the View Side by Slide feature. This specification is added to compare two Excel sheets in separate Windows synchronously. To do so, follow these steps.

  1. Click on the File option located at the top left side of the Excel Sheet
  2. Once the file opened, click on the View tab located at the top bar.
  3. Select the View to Side by Side option. Now Excel sheets will open in a Split view like WhatsApp Desktop and other Desktop Clients offers.
  4. Now working on 2 Excel files is easier to accomplish a task by the user.

4) Office Tab for Excel:

This trick is the most authentic among all mentioned here. But, almost all of us will never want to use this one because you have to pay for it. There is an extension for Microsoft Excel named Office Tab. This add-on is not for free, users need to purchase this add-on for 29 USD. The good thing about this add-on is one month free trial period.

Open two Excel files in separate windows

Once you installed this add-on, you will see a new feature in the Excel interface. Office Tab will add alternative tabs to Excel. Now open the first sheet. Right-click on the second sheet and select Open in New Window. The Second Excel file will open in a separate Windows. To display both files on Windows at a time, you need to use Drag and Drop trick as we punched in the first two methods.

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