How to Expand Text in Windows 10 [Phrases, Sentences, Signatures etc]

If you are an essayist like me or just somebody who types a great deal, then it’s an easy decision to use a book expander application. For example, when you are composing you will go over some large words, phrases, sentences, certain email reactions, marks, and so on., that you need to type on different occasions a day. In these circumstances, a text expander will help you rapidly fill in as opposed to you composing in the stuff physically every single time.

In the event that you are pondering, a book expander is a basic application that gives you a chance to type shorter character grouping instead of the genuine words, expressions, and sentences. These character arrangements will be consequently extended continuously into full words, states or even whole sentences relying upon your setup.

Windows has a wide range of content expander applications. Be that as it may, here are probably the best Text expander applications for your Windows framework.

PhraseExpress (Freemium)


PhraseExpress is one more dominant and advanced application for Windows that is accessible in both free and paid renditions. Alongside the normal content extension highlights, it likewise has different highlights like Dynamic expressions, date and time stamps, start to finish state file encryption, offering scraps to groups and users, different Windows mechanization apparatuses, clipboard administrator, framework wide auto revision relying upon your composing style, and so forth. As should be obvious, PhraseExpress is significantly more than a straightforward book expander.

If you are searching for a free and committed book growing application, the PhraseExpress is for you.



AutoHotKey is the best and my most loved programming for Windows. That being stated, Unlike the others on the rundown, AutoHotkey isn’t to such an extent as a committed book expander yet a full-scale creation and robotization instrument for Windows. In any case, if all you need is a straightforward book extension with no additional highlights, then AutoHotkey is for you.

Using AutoHotkey is not much however you ought to be alright with scripting as you have to physically content what words or sentences you need to extend. To begin, install AutoHotkey, download this example content and give it a shot. You can open the content with any word processor to see the guidelines in it.

Thus, if you are somewhat audacious and wouldn’t fret scripting then check out AutoHotkey. Once more, this is definitely not a devoted content expander. Be that as it may, you won’t be disappointed when you perceive the amount AutoHotkey can do.

Auto Text Expander for Google Chrome

Auto Text Expander for Google Chrome

Google Chrome is one of the most used programs and has a huge amount of augmentation for nearly anything you can envision. Truth be told, Google Chrome even has committed apps that carry on simply like your customary program yet will remain inside the program condition. Accordingly, if you are an energetic Google Chrome user and does all the composition or simply need the content development include inside the program then you don’t need to use a committed application that you have to install on your Windows framework. Or maybe, you can install a free Google Chrome expansion called Auto Text Expander.

As should be obvious from the name itself, it does only that. i.e, grow content as per your setups and settings. The best thing about this augmentation is that it has no perplexing settings, and supports both rich and customary content development. In addition, it additionally bolsters custom cursor position, content extension inside Chrome Omnibox (address bar), date and time macros, clipboard glue large scale, auto-capitalization while extending content, and so forth.

Since the augmentation uses the JSON group, you can without much of a stretch import and fare content extension alternate ways. There is additionally an alternative to reinforcement all your content development easy routes.

Tantamount to it, contrasted with another programming on this rundown, Auto Text Expander is exceptionally essential and does simply message extension.

TextExpander for Windows


TextExpander is one of the most well known, develop, and vigorous applications that Mac users have been getting a charge out of for quite a while. It has every one of the fancy odds and ends you will ever require. Using the TextExpander, you can extend words, sentences, code bits, organized content, pictures, and so forth.

A portion of the highlights of TextExpander incorporate however not constrained to using the content development in any application, offering bits to your group, getting to pieces on the entirety of your devices, making standard scraps, situating the mouse cursor any place you need in the extended content, embeddings the clipboard content into the bit, scanning for bits with a solitary console easy route, gathering of bits, support for scripting, and so on.

As should be obvious, TextExpander is a full-included application with quite a few highlights that can support amateurs and aces the same. Also, the user interface is really negligible and simple to use. Along these lines, if you are searching for an able content expander application and wouldn’t fret paying the month to month or yearly membership then check out it, the value is well justified, despite all the trouble. That being stated, there is a free 30-day preliminary as well.



PhraseExpander is additionally a well-known book expander application for Windows. Much the same as TextExpander, the application has every one of its highlights with some more. Nonetheless, not at all like TextExpander, this app is for the most part gone for undertakings and experts like specialists and requesting works like information passage occupations and client care.

A portion of the additional highlights you find in this application are proposals and condensing while composing, auto-adjustment, spell checking, custom scrap triggers, support for remote sessions, full-scale language, staggering gathering, support for layouts and mechanization, control of content and making factors, and so forth.

Since the PhraseExpander is exceptionally adjustable and incredible, regardless of whether you are not an expert, you can use it for all your normal content extension needs. Considering all the additional highlights you get, the estimating is somewhat higher when contrasted with the TextExpander.

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