Convert Google Sheets into Translator

How to Convert Google Sheets into a Translator

Google Sheets are being used by most of the business organizations and education institutes. These are the part of Google offered products making the work easy for the professional and students. There are some hidden tips and tricks of Google Sheets which many users don’t know. One of the top tricks of Google Sheets is the translation feature. This feature is not present in stock but somehow you can manage to do it. You don’t need to install any software, extension or Add-on for it. Just need to enter few commands and you can translate the content into any language you want.

Google Docs or Sheets are widely users all over the Globe. Because it is free, efficient, editable and easy to use. A thing which we liked personally about Google Docs and Sheets is the compatibility with Windows MS products. You can use Google Docs with MS Word Word and Google Sheets with MS Excel if you download them on a computer. And now, Google Sheets Translations trick enhanced our experience. It is a highly praisable addition to Google Sheet.

If you want to use Google Sheet as a translator than this tutorial is exactly demonstrated for you. Below you can see a step by step guide. You just need to manipulate some Google Sheets cells, which is not a big deal.

How to turn Google Sheets into a translator?

Step 1) Open Google Chrome Browser on your Windows Laptop or Desktop. Visit the Google Sheets URL

Step 2) Press the Main Menu icon present in the top-left corner. Select Sheets from the appeared menu.

Step 3) Start a new spreadsheet by clicking on labeled blank cells. Name a language for ease of use. For example, we chose English.

Convert Google Sheets into Tranlator 1

Step 4) Select other cells, and name them with other languages Such as Spanish, French, etc. Under the English cell, right any sentence in English, for example, “How are you”.

Convert Google Sheets into Tranlator 1Step 5) Now click on the cell under the Spanish folder, Type the =GOOGLETRANSLATE(C2,” en”, “es”) in the function bar at the top as shown in the screenshot.

Convert Google Sheets into Tranlator 1

Step 6) Now under the Spanish label, the translated content will be shown. Now you just need to change the code of Language from =GOOGLETRANSLATE(C2,” en”, “es”). For example, replace the “es” with “fr” to translate text from English to french.

Convert Google Sheets into Tranlator 1

Step 7) No matter what language you write and which language you want to translate in. You just need to replace the language from the =GOOGLETRANSLATE(C2,” en”, “es”).

Here are the codes of some most spoken and used languages around the world.

  • Russian – ru
  • Arabic – ar</li>
  • Hindi – hi
  • Chinee – zh
  • Japanese – ja
  • Korean – ko
  • Vietnamese – vi</li>
  • English – en
  • Spanish – es
  • French – fr
  • German – ge
  • Italian – it
  • Portuguese – pt

That’s all if you need any further assistance regarding the process, you can contact us through our page. Or, post your comment in the box below the post. Our team will reply to you as soon as possible.

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