Connect AirPods to Windows 10 PC

How to Connect AirPods to Windows 10 PC

Apple’s AirPods are the organization’s first-party remote earphones intended to work with a wide scope of Apple equipment, from Macs to iPhones, iPods, and iPads. While they’re vigorously promoted as being made only for Apple devices, they don’t use any exclusive innovation, so you can use Bluetooth to connect AirPods to a PC.

Can AirPods Connect to a PC?

Apple AirPods can connect to any PC, from workstations and conventional desktop PCs to current Windows 10 devices like the Surface Pro, if they highlight Bluetooth connectivity. When connected to a Windows 10 PC, Apple AirPods can be used to tune in to sound, input sound through their implicit mic, and to control sound volume or pause sound by means of tap controls.

How to Connect AirPods to Windows 10 Computers

The method for connecting Apple AirPods is the very same procedure as including some other Bluetooth speaker or headphones to a Windows PC:

Select the notifications symbol in the base right corner of the Windows taskbar to open the Windows Action Center.

  1. Select All settings in the Windows Action Center.
  2. Select Devices in the Windows Settings.
  3. Select the Bluetooth and different devices tab on the left side, then select Add Bluetooth or different devices.
  4. Select Bluetooth in the Add a device window.
  5. Your Apple AirPods ought to appear on the rundown as AirPods. Select AirPods to start the matching procedure.
  6. Press the hover button on the back of the Apple AirPod charging case while having the cover open. The charging case’s light should change from green to white.
  7. If combined effectively, you should see a “Your device is all set!” message. Select Done to close the message.

How to Fix Windows 10 Apple AirPod Sync Problems

If your Apple AirPods quit taking a shot at your Windows PC, attempt these fixes:

Disable Bluetooth on different devices. If you’ve matched your AirPods with your iPhone, it could meddle with the connection to your PC, so attempt incidentally killing Bluetooth on different devices.

Open the charging case top. Apple AirPods connect to devices when the charging case’s cover is opened and its light turns green. Have a go at opening the top for a couple of moments before evacuating the AirPods and placing them in your ears.

  1. Open an app start playing some music.
  2. Spot your Apple AirPods back in their charging case and close the top, then hold up a couple of moments.
  3. Open the Action Center and choose All settings.
  4. Select Devices in the Windows Settings.
  5. Ensure your AirPods are on the rundown of paired devices.
  6. Open the charging case’s cover, expel the AirPods, and spot them in every ear.
  7. Select AirPods in the device list, then select Connect. The AirPods ought to connect, and the sound ought to being playing through them.

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