nvidia 950m

How to Check What Graphics Card You Are Using on your PC

If you’ve dove at all into PC gaming, you’ve heard a discussion about design cards. Design cards are made by an assortment of producers, yet all that you see on your screen is created by a chip on that card, called the graphics processing unit(GPU).

If you need to get familiar with more about illustrations cards, you’ve gone to the opportune spot. Here is the manner by which you check your illustrations card on Windows 10 and more on seeing how everything functions.

nvidia 950m

What’s the Difference Between a Graphics Card and a GPU?

You’ll regularly observe “GPU” and “Designs Card” used conversely, however they are somewhat different. The GPU is the genuine chip that does the hard work; they are commonly made by one of two fashioners: Nvidia or AMD. The GPU is the amazing and costly bit of equipment that conveys the genuine illustrations to your screen.

A design card has a ton of different perspectives on it other than the GPU, including cooling fans, voltage guidelines, and so on. They’re additionally made by an assortment of organizations with a lot of little differences, yet you will frequently observe the chipset (for example “Nvidia GeForce 1080” or “AMD Radeon 560”) showed as prominently, if not more along these lines, than the model of the card itself.

How to Check What Graphics Card You Are Using on your PC

Discovering what GPU you have installed on your Windows 10 PC is really basic; it will take more work to locate the model of the genuine card you have.

  1. Select the Start Menu on your Windows toolbar. In the hunt bar, type “Device Manager,” then select Device Manager.
  2. You’ll see a progression of drop-down menus. Either double tap Display Adapters, or select the + mark.Graphics Model
  3. Double-tap your GPU to see more details on it, similar to the port it is as of now connected to.

How to Check Your Graphics Card Model

As a rule, knowing your chipset is the thing that you’ll require when managing the nuts and bolts of an illustrations card. If you have to go more inside and out and make sense of the model of the real card, you’ll need to do more leg work. There are a couple of approaches to do this.


If your PC is effectively available, the least demanding approach to make sense of your designs card is to open your PC and take a gander at it.

Your designs card ought to be anything but difficult to spot since it connects to the motherboard and has at any rate one fan joined to it. There ought to be a sticker on it that reveals to you the model number, however, you may need to unplug it from your motherboard to show signs of improvement take a gander at it.

Download a Third-Party Program to Check Graphics Card

There are a couple of outsider projects that can give all of you sorts of specs on your PC equipment. They all work a piece differently, yet two that are both free and safe are Speccy and CPU-Z.

These projects can give you an assortment of insights regarding the different equipment inside your PC, including your illustrations card. When you’ve downloaded the program and run it, select Graphics, discover the name of your GPU, and search for the Subvendor or maker name to figure out who really made your designs card.

To repeat, in many occasions, you’ll be fine simply opening the device supervisor to make sense of your GPU. In any case, you may require the real card data if there’s a guarantee issue or other equipment issue you have to sift through

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