Outlook Web App Can Not Download Attachments

Outlook Web App is a web-based email client with the interface the same as the Outlook client. It helps users to access their email, calendars, tasks, and contacts from the internet connection from anywhere without having to configure Microsoft Outlook or another email client.

Actually, this app is designed for users who need to use or manage their emails from other devices or PC without installing the Outlook email app. The web version helps you to simply visit the official website of the Outlook, log in with your account and do your task fastly and completely.

Both of these apps have the same functionality. Some people like the web app and some of them like the installed software of the Outlook client on their PC. Many users reported that they are facing problems while downloading the mail attachments and XML files when using the web version of Outlook. Most of the users of the Google Chrome browser are facing the Outlook Web App can not download attachments.

So that’s why we are here to help you with that issue. We provide you the methods below by which you can solve this problem from the Outlook Web App.

How To Fix Outlook Attachments In Google Chrome

There are two reasons that are causing this problem. This issue is caused by the web browser that you are running the Outlook Web App or by Outlook’s own functionality.

1. Disable Google Chrome Safe browsing Functions

  • First, you need to open Google Chrome
  • Then type in the search bar chrome://settings/
  • After search now you have to click on the Sync and Google services option.
  • Scroll down and locate the Safe Browsing (Protects you and your device from dangerous sites)
  • Turn it off.

Outlook Web App Can Not Download Attachments

2. How to Enable Attachment Preview

  • First of all, open the Outlook Web App
  • Then click on the Gear Icon
  • From there, select Options
  • Now click on the Active view settings option.
  • Then select the option Always show previews (for example, photos and videos)
  • And click on the Save the changes

These settings work with photo and video attachments very well.

3. Whitelist The Sender

  • For that, open the Outlook Web App
  • Now go to the Gear Icon and click on it.
  • Then select Options
  • From there, click on Filters and reporting option.
  • Now select the Show attachments, pictures, and links for senders with good reputations
  • And click on the Save the changes

Bu doing these settings, you receive emails from the sender with known good reputations successfully.

4. Check The Type Of Files That Are Sent Via Outlook Web App

As a default, Outlook Web App blocks the attachments that have a wide variety of extensions.

We provide you the two methods to bypass these extensions.

  1. First, you need to Compress the attachment. (This will inadvertently change the extension as well).
  2. You have to Rename the attachment before sending it and after downloading it add the extension.

These two workarounds work for both the Outlook client and Outlook Web App


XML Files Are Not Downloading

This method is for those who want to download the XML files from the Outlook Web App. If the attachment download error happens while downloading the XML files then you have to change the Outlook Web App mailbox policy. Because this is the only solution to download the XML files.

For that method, you need to perform some PowerShell work to download the XML files.

  1. Fisrt of all press the Start
  2. Now type in CMD and run the Command Prompt with administrator rights
  3. Then type in the following commands which are given below:
    • Get-OwaMailboxPolicy | Set-OwaMailboxPolicy -BlockedFileTypes @{Remove = “.xml”}
    • Get-OwaMailboxPolicy | Set-OwaMailboxPolicy -AllowedFileTypes @{Add = “.xml”}
    • Get-OwaMailboxPolicy | Set-OwaMailboxPolicy -BlockedMimeTypes @{Remove = “text/xml”, “application/xml”}
    • Get-OwaMailboxPolicy | Set-OwaMailboxPolicy –AllowedMimeTypes @{Add = “text/xml”, “application/xml”}

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