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How to Use Google Stadia on Windows 10

by Ishaq Dar
use Google Stadia on Windows 10

Talking about the current era of technology, there is no match for Google & Microsoft. You can’t compare both of these industries with one another. Because they come up with their flaws to help people from around the globe. If you see Google, it’s services are developed for almost every intrust user. But the Microsoft focuses on providing services to the PC users, and it has done a pretty good job in helping people via Windows operating systems.

I’m not here to provide a comparison of the two tech giants. But to help you join the services of one another for a better & astounding gaming experience. Yes, I’ll be discussing  How To Use Google Stadia on Windows 10. Because we all know that, it can get a little messy when you are trying to play 4K games on a Windows PC. So what if you could use Cloud gaming services on your PC? Wouldn’t it be great to access the services of a trusted source to claim such a reward? Well, you and I both know the answer.

Benefits of Google Stadia

Google Stadia is the new gaming service provided for gaming fans. You don’t need a highly-equipped computer or smartphone to enjoy your favorite games. Because with this cloud gaming service, you can step into a gaming platform without much of a hassle.

To tell you the truth about Google Stadia, it’s introduced specifically for the Windows users. So that the students & the teenagers, who can’t buy a fast PC, they get to enjoy 4K games on their devices. They also use Google services at the same time, while enjoying the high graphics gaming sensations.

Drawbacks of Google Stadia

Google Stadia is for now in the beta version. So if you think that you are not getting the services as you are promised, you just need to have some patience. Some of the users even reported that the games delivered through Stadia is not in 4K. Also, there is a lack of errors on the Chrome web browser. So in case, you are feeling like you just wasted your money, be patient for a month or two, and you’ll see that it is the next generation of the gaming industry.

How to Use Google Stadia on Windows 10

Now that I’ve introduced you with some facts & figures of Google Stadia, it’s time to help you use it on your Windows 10 PC/Laptop. But let’s talk about what you need to Use Google Stadia on Windows 10.

use Google Stadia on Windows 10


  1. Good Internet Connection.
  2. Chrome browser.
  3. Game Console (just for a better gaming experience).

Using Google Stadia on Windows 10

You can run Google Stadia on Windows 10 through the Chrome browser. But you need to make that you have a fast internet connection. Because this cloud gaming service doesn’t work on slower bandwidth networks, try to use it while your device is connected with WiFi or Broadband.

To start, all you need to do is visit the Google Stadia homepage. Now select your country, this will help you get the best performance speed because Google will connect you with it’s nearest cloud servers.

For your sake, do test your internet connection before stepping into a 4K game. Try to make sure that your internet connection fulfills the meets the following quotations:

  1. Streaming rate of at least 15Mbps.
  2. The data loss rate is not more than 5 percent.
  3. Check latency linking servers & PC, should be less than 40ms.

Now if your internet connection meets the requirements to use Google Stadia on Windows 10, it’s time you to play your desired 4K games on a full screen.

Google Stadia FAQs

Question#1: What Will Google Stadia Cost?

Answer: For now, the whole package for Google Stadia is $129. This includes the Chrome cast, Stadia Controller and the price you need to pay for cloud gaming services. But if you buy only the stadia service, it’ll cost you only $9.99 per/month. If you buy it right now, you will also get a three months of free cloud gaming on your device.

Question#2: How Much Games Will Be on Stadia?

Answer: It’s a pity, that you have to pay for every premium game, you want to enjoy via Stadia. So every game comes with its own cost, but you may have a discount in the prices. Some game are available $20 & the expensive of them are available at $60.

Question#3: Do I Need the Stadia Controller?

Answer: It is not compulsory for you to buy Stadia Controller for Google Stadia services. But if you are a good gamer, you may feel annoyed by using a keyboard & mouse to play a 4K game. So the best way to enjoy Google Stadia is if you buy the official game controllers.

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