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How to use Insecure Content Blocking on Chromium Edge Microsoft

Chromium Edge is the advanced generation browser by Microsoft. It was launched in 2018 and Windows users are really impressed by it. This browser is not completed yet. The Microsoft developers are still working on it. Hopefully, soon we will get the full-fledged Chromium Edge experience. The best thing about the chromium edge is the security measures that Microsoft adopted. Especially the most in the discussion feature was insecure content blocking.

This is the new addition to Microsoft Chromium features. It prohibits the side who are not secured by HTTPs. Actually such sites are insecure and they are not safe to access. So chromium stops you from opening such websites and scammers. It is an essential type of site permission. Insecure content blocking not just only blocks the website even there is some internal website insecurity, chromium edge will also stop them potentially.

Remember that this feature is included only in the latest Canary Edge Version only. Users can get download the chromium latest version from the Canary Channel. Or, you can visit the page MS Edge Insider Channels.

Steps to Enable Insecure Content Blocking on Edge:

Once you installed the Chromium Edge on Windows 10, 8,7, etc, follow these steps to enable the feature. You just need to enter a specific URL and explore further settings.

Microsoft Chromium Edge Insecure content

  • Enter URL ‘edge://flags’ on the address bar of your Chromium Edge Browser.
  • Scroll down untill you find the Blockable Blockable mixed content switch. Located at the flags tab.
  • Select the Enable option present alongside Blockable mixed content.
  • Save the new settings by restating the Edge.

Now anytime you will try to access the insecure platform Chromium Edge will prevent it. After enabling this setting user can also block the sub-pages of any website which have a security threat.  To check or do, click on the lock icon present at the left of the URL on the address bar. Click on site permission option and select insecure content settings.

The latest news has arrived. Finally, Microsoft has announced the launch of Chromium Edge on 15 Feb 2020. Users are excited to use one of the most strong browsers ever made. Wait for the Microsoft 20H1Update which will bring the Chromium Edge on your Windows Laptops, Desktops and MacBooks.

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