Download Outlook Calendars, Signatures & Change Sound Sets

How To Download Outlook Calendars, Signatures & Change Sound Sets

The Outlook app is an email service that is developed by the Microsoft company. It is mostly used by companies to send or receive emails and files. The Outlook app is used by millions of people around the world. If you used to send emails daily at your workplace then use the Microsoft Outlook.

Microsoft Outlook Calendar is a tool that helps you to schedule meetings, activities, events, and tasks. You can organize your daily, weekly, and monthly calendars in one place. It helps you to schedule routines so that you can not forget any important meetings.

The users of the Outlook email app know the value of using the calenders. So many of you need to have it with them where ever they go. But unfortunately, most of you do not know how to download the calenders and signatures from the Outlook.

That why we are here to tell you how to download Outlook calendars and signatures. Also, we will tell you how to change the sound sets from Microsoft Outlook as well. We provide you all the steps by which you can easily download them and use them everywhere you go.

Steps To Download Calendars And Signatures From Outlook

Follow the steps carefully and you guys are able to download them successfully.

1. Download Calendars From Microsoft Outlook

  1. Go to the Outlook.
  2. Then open the Calendar from there.
  3. Now select the Calendar that you want to export.
  4. After that click on File option.
  5. And then select the option Save Calendar.
  6. Now give the name to that Calendar.
  • You will see a summary like a calendar name, date range, and detail level next to More Options.
  1. Then click on More Options.
  2. After that click on the Date Range and select how much of the calendar you want to include in the file.
  • You can also choose to Specify dates option to input the range manually.
  1. For that, click on the Detail option and choose the amount of detail you want to show.
  2. Then click on OK, and then click to Save option.

Download Signatures From Microsoft Outlook

Follow the simple steps and you guys can download the signatures as well from the Microsoft Outlook.

  • Tow download signatures first open the File Explorer.
  • Then type %userprofile%AppDataRoamingMicrosoftSignatures in the address box.
  • After that go to the Signatures folder and you will see that the there signature corresponds:
    1. An HTML document
    2. Rich Text Document
    3. Text Document
  • Then select the 3 documents and Copy or Cut them and paste the documents in any location at your PC.

Download Outlook Calendars, Signatures & Change Sound Sets

How To Change Sound Sets From Microsoft Outlook

  1. To download the sound sets first you need to press Windows + R.
  2. Then type control.exe in there.
  3. Now type Sounds in the search box of the Control panel window.
  4. After that, the Sounds dialog box will open.
  5. From the sounds dialog, go to the Sounds tab and click on the New Mail Notification. 
  6. Then click on Browse
  7. And select a different audio file option.
  8. Now restart the Outlook and you have downloaded signatures from the Microsoft Outlook.

Download Outlook Calendars, Signatures & Change Sound Sets

We have shown you the simple settings through which you can download Outlook Calendars, Signatures & Change Sound Sets. If you want to ask any questions or give a suggestion then contact us in the comment section below.

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