Use the New Identity feature in Tor Browser

When it comes to privacy and security, Tor is the safest browser in the world. The creation of The Guardian Project is quite popular among IT experts nowadays. People who understand how much their privacy is important to prefer Tor over others. Some people have a misconception about Tor that it is dangerous to use because it indexes the depth of Web. Actually it also operates as a normal browser such as FireFox, Google Chrome. Also, it stops the tracking of internet activities conducted by you. Now the Tor Browser has launched a new feature named “New Identity”.

In recent times we have heard countless cases of data breaches. Yahoo, Facebook, and other networks became mischevious activities by hackers. From the iCloud Data Breach to Crypto Currency Ehtrium got stolen, there are countless activities. It can occur with you if you don’t secure your browser. That’s why the Tor Browser is a preference for many users.

Tor Browser New Identity Feature:

Many of us know that all the mess on the internet starts from IP Address. The track, they attack and then they steal it. New Identity features are designed to change the user’s identity. This means users can change their IP addresses for an unlimited number of times. This feature is free and its better than using VPN apps.

Many of the Tor Users are not aware of this feature. It is the latest addition to the Tor interface. You must have the latest version of Tor Browser on your Laptop, Desktop or smartphone. The old version may not offer you this feature. If you want to know how to use a new identity feature in Tor Browser see the guide below.

How to use the new Identity Feature on Tor Browser:

It is so simple to use this feature because you don’t need to explore the settings or using the extension. It is present on Tor main homepage.

  1. Launch the Tor Browser on your Windows Laptop or MacBook.
  2. Click on the Broom icon present on the top right side of the Tor Browser.

    New Identity on Tor Browser

  3. On using this option for the first time Tor Browser will ask for permission Click on the Yes.

    New Identity on Tor Browser

  4. That’s it! your identity is successfully changed now.

Wind Up:

Every time you will change your identity your Tor Browser will restart too. Remember Tor doesn’t keep the memory of your initial tabs. Whenever you will change identity your all recent tabs will get closed. So if there is an important website or some other stuff opened, bookmark it on the bar. So every time you change identity, you can continue your works on previous tabs. That’s it! if anyone of you feels something difficult in the guide, ask us in the comment box below. For general assistance, contact us through our page. Our team members are always active for you anytime.

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