use Phone Calls Feature in Windows 10

How to use the Phone Calls feature in Windows 10 – Use Android, iOS Phone on Windows

The phone call feature is the new addition to Windows 10 made by Microsoft officially. Windows connectivity game is really getting strong over the years. All operating systems ensure the easy connection specification except iOS. Luckily, this time iOS users are also able to connect their phone with Windows. The basic purpose of this feature is to enable users calling and texting directly from the laptop during work. Many users have different questions related to the Phone Call feature of Windows. Before guiding users on how to use the Phone Calls feature in Windows 10, first have a look at how this feature can be helpful.

A professional person uses the laptop and desktop for his work. If he intends to communicate with another person to initiate some business transaction, he will use a smartphone. It seems OK! but this using smartphone diverts his attention from work. This Windows 10 phone call feature is developed to remove this complication. Now users can directly make calls and texting conversations directly from the Laptop. It’s not a default feature you have to connect your phone with Laptop through the same Bluetooth. After that, you can both devices on just one device. No need to divert attention from Laptop to a smartphone during work. To use this awesome function you need Your Phone App.

What is Your Phone App?

This app is developed by Microsoft Corporation. This app helps Laptop and smartphone users to connect both devices with each other easily. This feature is similar to FireFox FTP and Connect Over WiFi technology. The only difference is the medium of connection. In this fast data transferring era the Microsoft is still preferring the ancient BlueTooth Technology. To pair your Android device with the computer you have to use the Bluetooth.

In the latest update of Windows 10, this app comes in stock. If you didn’t get the Your Phone App yet than you can get it from Microsoft Store. It is completely free to install and use. This app is necessary to use the Phone Call feature in Windows 10. Below we are mentioning the requirements and steps. Follow them to accomplish your task.

Requirements to use Phone Calls Features for Windows 10:

  • Your Phone Companion app (developed by Microsoft corporation) must be installed on your Android or iOS device.
  • Bluetooth must be “On” in both devices, Phones, and Computer.
  • Phones and Computer must be paired without interruption.
  • The phone battery saver should be turned off.
  • Microsoft Account must be signed in both apps on both devices.

How to use the Phone Calls feature in Windows 10:

Launch the Your Phone App on your Laptop or Desktop.

  • Now turn on Bluetooth on both devices and pair them.
  • You will see your phone icon at your Phone App on the left top.
  • There are various options below like Photos, Messages, and notifications. My Huawei Y7 Prime 2019 is not showing the call option, Because there are some limitations in it. May your brand support all options
  • Click on the calls option, dialler will open. Dial the number which you want to call.


You can make as many long calls as you want. The only limitation is that both devices must be paired with each other. No disturbance should be born during the calls. Otherwise, your call will get disconnected. As long both devices are paired you can make calls. You can also watch other stuff like texting, Photos, etc.

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