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How To Fix Scroll Bar Is Missing In Chrome

by Qasim
How To, Fix Scroll Bar Is Missing, Chrome

Google Chrome is used by almost any of the Windows users around the worls. It performs very fast and gives you the blazing-fast speed while browsing and downloading the files. Google Chrome has many features that cannot be found in any other browsers. It is very reliable and provides the maximum protection of your device information and personal data.

But as you know nothing is perfect, there are some issues in the Google Chrome browser that you might face. Most of the users are facing the scroll bar missing issue. With that problem, you guys are not able to scroll down the websites till the end of the page. Also, you can not click and drag the scroll bar upwards or downwards if the scroll bar is missing.

But there is a solution available regarding that issue. You can fix the scroll bar missing problem by doing some simple things. We provide you some easy fix that helps you to remove this error from the google chrome.

Solutions To Fix Scroll Bar Is Missing

We provide you some easy solutions by which you can remove scroll bar missing problems in no time. Follow the solutions one by one and you guys able to solve this issue comfortably.

1. Update Chrome To Latest Version

Many issues accrued in the software when you can’t upgrade that software to the latest version. You need to make sure that you have upgraded the latest version of google chrome. Many users have reported that by upgrading chrome browser to the latest version, they have solved this error from their browser. So if you have not updated your chrome browser then make do it now to remove this error completely.

2. Disable Extensions In Google Chrome

If you have updated your Google chrome and still facing the error, then disable the extensions. This issue can be caused by some plugin problems. So, to disable the extensions follow the simple steps below, by which you can solve this scroll bar missing issue.

  • First, go to the settings of the chrome bar. Click on the three vertical dots available on the top right corner of Google Chrome.
  • Now, you will see the More Tools option. Click on it.

How To Fix Scroll Bar Is Missing In Chrome

  • After that click on the Extensions option.

How To Fix Scroll Bar Is Missing In Chrome

  • The new page will be open and you will see the extensions. Disable these extensions and see which extension is causing that scroll bar missing problem.

3. Use Other Browsers

We hope that you guys are able to remove the scroll bar missing issue from the Google Chrome with the above two solutions. But if you are still facing that problem then change your browser. There are many secure and fast browser available for Windows to download and use. Some of the best browsers for Windows are Opera, Firebox, Microsoft Edge, and more.

Final Words

The scroll bar missing is an issue that irritates you, because with this error you cannot see the website’s page completely. So we provide the solutions that will help you to remove this error from Google Chrome. Try to update the Chrome browser to the latest versions because many bugs and issues are removed in the latest updates by their developers. But if you are facing that issues, again and again in the Chrome browser then you can use the other browsers.

We hope that this guide will help to remove the scroll bar missing error from the google chrome. If you want to ask or give suggestions then contact us in the comment section below.

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