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How to add Advanced Startup Options menu in Windows 10

by Mohsin Raza

If you’re worn out on bootable DVDs or USB drives, then you should know there is another option. You could take a stab at including an Advanced Startup Options setting menu, which will enormously accelerate the way toward rebooting the OS.

Be that as it may, by modifying libraries, you can get over every one of these steps effectively. This arrangement can likewise prove to be useful if you are experiencing any kind of issue, that can not be illuminated using the ordinary Windows 10 condition.

This incorporates the need to overwrite or erase some being used files. By following these steps you also can accelerate the way toward getting to the Advanced Startup Options menu with only a couple of snaps.

How to add Advanced Startup Options menu:

Registry Editor

1. Prior to starting, ensure that the user account has administrative privileges.

Download this file

Note: We didn’t make this file, so we won’t be liable for any damage done to your device.

2. Extract the files any place you need

3. Double-tap on the Add Advanced Startup Options Context Menu.reg file to include it

If you need to expel the changes, essentially use the Remove Advanced Startup Options Context Menu.reg file

4. These Registry files work by modifying the accompanying branch:


5. They do this by including or expelling the AdvancedStartupOptions subkey appropriately.

6. Then again, you could do this all together all alone. In any case, this isn’t prescribed if you aren’t experienced working with vault keys.

Why Should I do that?

1. Regularly, if you’d need to get to the Advanced Startup Options, you’d need to do the accompanying:

Press Win + I

2. Select Updates and Security

Updates & Security

3. Got to Recovery


4. Press Restart Now under Advanced Startup

Advanced Startup

5. Make Sure that PC will restart to enter the Advanced Startup Options

Given what the number of steps is required, it’s conspicuous why you would need to simplify the procedure. All the more in this way, since the procedure is reversible, there is no compelling reason to stress over rolling out unsalvageable improvements to your PC.

Does including an Advanced Startup Options setting menu to appear to be useful to you? We anticipate your criticism in the remarks segment beneath.

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