How can we use Picture-in-Picture mode on Google Chrome

Now users can enable Google Chrome Picture in Picture mode through this tutorial. If your smartphone or computer doesn’t let you do multitasking than its time to replace. In technology innovation, multi-tasking is the most important element. Every product either television receiver or similar product ensures this thing in their product. Picture in picture mode is the best example of multi-tasking. Now all popular browser operators, OS developers, and other professionals had started giving this feature. Some platforms offer this feature in stock settings and you have to just enable it. Few platforms especially browsers like Firefox and Google Chrome offers the add-on to enable picture in picture mode. The basic PIP feature is old and probably introduced in 1976 and in the second decade of the 21st century, this feature is more advanced now.

This trend was started recently and now many browsers are including this feature in their portals. I think Google Chrome was the first one to give this feature in stock. We will guide you on how to enable Google Chrome picture in picture mode. But, first, it’s necessary to introduce the Picture in Picture technology because many beginners don’t know about it.

What is Picture in Picture Mode?

Picture in Picture Mode also known as PIP is the feature of devices that can display media. In this technology, users can keep any tab alive in a small window. The rest of the tabs will keep running on full screens. Only the inset window will be displayed on a screen in a small size. For example, you can watch Youtube videos in small Windows while doing your work on other networks. Recently developers have announced that they are going to launch Picture-in-Picture mode. So users can use video streaming networks and others in one sight.

How to Enable Google Chrome Picture in Picture Mode:

Enabling Picture in Picture mode on Google Chrome is easiest as compare to others. By the way, Google Chrome has offered the extension by its self for PIP mode. But, when you are already getting this feature on a few clicks, I think installing extension will be unnecessary. Follow the steps to accomplish the task.

  1. Visit the website which contains the video clips. For example, we are visiting
  2. Open any video like we are watching a famous song video. Right-click twice on the video player. Select the Picture-in-Picture option.

    enable picture in picture mode on Google Chrome

  3. Now you will see that video will be on Tab right bottom corner. Now you can listen and watch songs on Youtube without interruptions. As you see I have opened Microsoft websites and video is playing in one corner. You can increase the size of video Windows by taking a mouse cursor on the corner of video tab and stretching it.

    enable picture in picture mode on Google Chrome

See! you don’t need an extension for it. Now you can play the video in small windows and do your work alongside. Picture in Picture is truly an amazing feature. Hat’s off to the user who developed it. By the way not Google Chrome is the only browser to have such a feature. Mozilla Firefox also includes this specification. Infact, recently our writer had drafted a guide on how to enable Picture in Picture mode on Firefox by Mozilla. The FireFox users must visit the article cause its worth.

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